path: root/arch/arm64/include/asm/cputype.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-26arm64: Add MIDR encoding for Arm Cortex-A55 and Cortex-A35Suzuki K Poulose
2018-03-26arm64: capabilities: Add support for checks based on a list of MIDRsSuzuki K Poulose
2018-03-26arm64: Add helpers for checking CPU MIDR against a rangeSuzuki K Poulose
2018-02-19arm64: Fix compilation error while accessing MPIDR_HWID_BITMASK from .S filesBhupesh Sharma
2018-02-17arm64: cputype: Silence Sparse warningsRobin Murphy
2018-01-30Merge tag 'arm64-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/a...Linus Torvalds
2018-01-14arm64: cpu_errata: Add Kryo to Falkor 1003 errataStephen Boyd
2018-01-08arm64: cputype: Add MIDR values for Cavium ThunderX2 CPUsJayachandran C
2018-01-08arm64: cputype: Add missing MIDR values for Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A75Will Deacon
2017-12-12arm64: Define cputype macros for Falkor CPUShanker Donthineni
2017-06-15arm64: Add MIDR values for Cavium cn83XX SoCsDavid Daney
2017-04-07arm64: Define Cortex-A73 MIDRMarc Zyngier
2017-01-27arm64: Define Falkor v1 CPUShanker Donthineni
2017-01-13arm64: errata: Provide macro for major and minor cpu revisionsRobert Richter
2016-09-09arm64: sysreg: replace open-coded mrs_s/msr_s with {read,write}_sysreg_sWill Deacon
2016-07-07arm64: Enable workaround for Cavium erratum 27456 on thunderx-81xxGanapatrao Kulkarni
2016-03-20Merge tag 'armsoc-arm64' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm...Linus Torvalds
2016-03-04arm64: make mrs_s prefixing implicit in read_cpuidMark Rutland
2016-02-20arm64: cputype info for Broadcom VulcanJayachandran C
2016-02-18arm64: cpufeature: Change read_cpuid() to use sysreg's mrs_s macroJames Morse
2016-02-16arm64: prefetch: add alternative pattern for CPUs without a prefetcherWill Deacon
2015-11-04Merge tag 'arm64-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/a...Linus Torvalds
2015-10-21arm64: Move mixed endian support detectionSuzuki K. Poulose
2015-09-29irqchip/gicv3: Workaround for Cavium ThunderX erratum 23154Robert Richter
2015-07-27arm64: kernel: Move config_sctlr_el1James Morse
2015-01-23arm64: Emulate SETEND for AArch32 tasksSuzuki K. Poulose
2015-01-23arm64: Consolidate hotplug notifier for instruction emulationSuzuki K. Poulose
2015-01-23arm64: Track system support for mixed endian EL0Suzuki K. Poulose
2014-11-25arm64: add Cortex-A53 cache errata workaroundAndre Przywara
2014-07-18arm64: add MIDR_EL1 field accessorsMark Rutland
2014-07-09arm64: topology: add MPIDR-based detectionZi Shen Lim
2014-05-25arm64: KVM: Enable minimalistic support for Cortex-A53Marc Zyngier
2013-12-19Merge tag 'arm64-suspend' of git://linux-arm.org/linux-2.6-lp into upstreamCatalin Marinas
2013-12-19arm64: drop redundant macros from read_cpuid()Ard Biesheuvel
2013-12-16arm64: kernel: add MPIDR_EL1 accessors macrosLorenzo Pieralisi
2013-06-20arm64: Add defines for APM ARMv8 implementationVinayak Kale
2013-03-20arm64: head: match all affinity levels in the pen of the secondariesJavi Merino
2013-03-20arm64: kernel: initialise cpu_logical_map from the DTJavi Merino
2013-03-20arm64: kernel: make the pen of the secondary a 64-bit unsigned valueJavi Merino
2013-03-20arm64: add read_cpuid_{implementor,part_number,mpidr}Marc Zyngier
2012-09-17arm64: CPU supportCatalin Marinas