path: root/arch/arm/mach-ux500/Kconfig
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-10-07ARM: mach-ux500: enable fix for ARM errata 754322srinidhi kasagar
2011-06-23mach-ux500: Kconfig for snowball boardMathieu J. Poirier
2011-06-21mach-ux500: add HREFv60 Kconfig optionLinus Walleij
2011-05-26gpio: move Nomadik GPIO driver to drivers/gpioGrant Likely
2011-05-24mach-ux500: voltage domain regulators for DB8500Bengt Jonsson
2011-05-24mfd: add DB5500 PRCMU driverLinus Walleij
2011-05-24mach-ux500: move the DB8500 PRCMU driver to MFDLinus Walleij
2011-03-28mach-ux500: configure board for the TPS61052 regulator v2Linus Walleij
2011-03-09ARM: 6776/1: mach-ux500: activate fix for errata 753970Linus Walleij
2011-01-10ux500: allow 5500 and 8500 to be built togetherRabin Vincent
2010-10-18ARM: 6441/1: ux500: The platform is not just based on early drop silicon vers...Srinidhi Kasagar
2010-10-04ARM: 6417/1: ux500: build configuration for DB5500 mbox and modem irq handlerLinus Walleij
2010-05-04ARM: 6090/1: ux500: add U5500 supportRabin Vincent
2010-05-04ARM: 6079/1: ux500: allow choice of the DEBUG_LL UARTRabin Vincent
2010-05-04ARM: 6077/1: ux500: add SOC Kconfig variablesRabin Vincent
2010-03-19ARM: 5973/1: ux500: add gpio supportRabin Vincent
2009-11-28ARM: 5831/1: ARM: U8500 core machine supportSrinidhi Kasagar