AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-27crypto: compress - remove unused pcomp interfaceJoonsoo Kim
2016-01-27crypto: sha1-mb - Add missing args_digest offsetMegha Dey
2016-01-27eCryptfs: Use skcipher and shashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27tcp: Use ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27sctp: Use shashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27nfsd: Use shashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27iscsi-target: Use shash and ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27iscsi_tcp: Use ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27nfc: s3fwrn5: Use shashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27drbd: Use shash and ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27ipsec: Use skcipher and ahash when probing algorithmsHerbert Xu
2016-01-27rxrpc: Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-01-27mac802154: Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-01-27libceph: Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-01-27Bluetooth: Use skcipher and hashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27KEYS: Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-01-27lib80211: Use skcipher and ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27sunrpc: Use skcipher and ahash/shashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27f2fs: Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-01-27ext4: Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-01-27cifs: Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-01-27wusb: Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-01-27staging: rtl8192u: Use skcipher and ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27orinoco: Use ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27dm crypt: Use skcipher and ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27staging: rtl8192e: Replace uses of obsolete blkcipher and hashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27ppp_mppe: Use skcipher and ahashHerbert Xu
2016-01-27block: cryptoloop - Use new skcipher interfaceHerbert Xu
2016-01-27crypto: skcipher - Add helper to retrieve driver nameHerbert Xu
2016-01-26hwrng: n2 - Attach on T5/M5, T7/M7 SPARC CPUsAnatoly Pugachev
2016-01-26hwrng: n2 - documentation, add DT bindings, vendor prefixesAnatoly Pugachev
2016-01-25crypto: hash - Add crypto_has_ahash helperHerbert Xu
2016-01-25crypto: api - Add crypto_type_has_alg helperHerbert Xu
2016-01-25crypto: skcipher - Add helper to zero stack requestHerbert Xu
2016-01-25crypto: hash - Add helpers to zero stack request/descriptorHerbert Xu
2016-01-25crypto: drbg - remove FIPS 140-2 continuous testStephan Mueller
2016-01-25crypto: skcipher - Add default key size helperHerbert Xu
2016-01-25crypto: qat - Reduced reqsize in qat_algsCabiddu, Giovanni
2016-01-25crypto: ixp4xx - Fix false lastlen uninitialised warningHerbert Xu
2016-01-25hwrng: brcm63xx - document device tree bindingsÁlvaro Fernández Rojas
2016-01-25hwrng: bcm63xx - allow building for BMIPS_GENERICÁlvaro Fernández Rojas
2016-01-25hwrng: bcm63xx - add device tree supportÁlvaro Fernández Rojas
2016-01-25hwrng: bcm63xx - remove unused variablesÁlvaro Fernández Rojas
2016-01-25crypto: atmel-sha - fix context switchesCyrille Pitchen
2016-01-25crypto: atmel-sha - add support of sama5d2x SoCsCyrille Pitchen
2016-01-25crypto: atmel-sha - fix a race between the 'done' tasklet and the crypto clientCyrille Pitchen
2016-01-25crypto: atmel-sha - fix crash when computing digest on empty messageCyrille Pitchen
2016-01-25crypto: ccp - Add hash state import and export supportTom Lendacky
2016-01-25crypto: caam - enable LARGE_BURST for enhancing DMA transactions sizeHoria Geant?
2016-01-25crypto: qat - Pack cfg ctl structsAtta, Ahsan