AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-10crypto: authencesn - Convert to new AEAD interfaceHerbert Xu
2015-08-10crypto: doc - make URL into hyperlinkBrian Norris
2015-08-10crypto: talitos - Prevent panic in probe error pathAaron Sierra
2015-08-10ARM: imx_v6_v7_defconfig: Select CAAMVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Detect hardware features during algorithm registrationVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Enable MXC devices to select CAAM driver in KconfigSteve Cornelius
2015-08-10ARM: dts: mx6sx: Add CAAM device nodeVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10ARM: dts: mx6qdl: Add CAAM device nodeVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10ARM: clk-imx6q: Add CAAM clock supportVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Added clocks and clock-names properties to SEC4.0 device tree ...Victoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Use local sg pointers to walk the scatterlistVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Correct DMA unmap size in ahash_update_ctx()Victoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Change kmalloc to kzalloc to avoid residual dataVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Modify Freescale CAAM driver Scatter Gather entry definitionVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Enable and disable clocks on Freescale i.MX platformsVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Add setbits32/clrbits32/clrsetbits primitives for ARM compatib...Victoria Milhoan
2015-08-10crypto: caam - Add cache coherency supportVictoria Milhoan
2015-08-10Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/herbert/crypto-2.6Herbert Xu
2015-08-10crypto: authencesn - Fix breakage with new ESP codeHerbert Xu
2015-08-05crypto: authenc - Add Kconfig dependency on CRYPTO_NULLHerbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: testmgr - Reenable authenc testsHerbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: talitos - Convert to new AEAD interfaceHerbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: qat - Convert to new AEAD interfaceHerbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: picoxcell - Convert to new AEAD interfaceHerbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: ixp4xx - Convert to new AEAD interfaceHerbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: caam - Convert authenc to new AEAD interfaceHerbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: authenc - Convert to new AEAD interfaceHerbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: testmgr - Disable authenc test and convert test vectorsHerbert Xu
2015-08-04Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/herbert/crypto-2.6Herbert Xu
2015-08-04crypto: talitos - Remove zero_entry static initializerAaron Sierra
2015-08-04crypto: doc - AEAD API conversionStephan Mueller
2015-08-04crypto: img-hash - fix spelling mistake in dev_err error messageColin Ian King
2015-07-31crypto: caam - fix rfc4106 encap shared descriptorHoria Geant?
2015-07-30MAINTAINERS: change 842 NX owner email addressDan Streetman
2015-07-30crypto: nx - use be32_to_cpu for __be32 field in debug msgDan Streetman
2015-07-30crypto: nx - don't err if compressed output > inputDan Streetman
2015-07-28crypto: qat - remove unnecessary list iterationBruce Allan
2015-07-28crypto: jitterentropy - use safe format string parametersKees Cook
2015-07-28crypto: qat - Fix typo othewise->otherwiseAhsan Atta
2015-07-28crypto: qat - remove unused defineBruce Allan
2015-07-28crypto: qat - fix bug in ADF_RING_SIZE_BYTES_MIN macroBruce Allan
2015-07-28crypto: qat - remove redundant struct elemBruce Allan
2015-07-28hwrng: core - correct error check of kthread_run callMartin Schwidefsky
2015-07-23crypto: nx - make platform drivers directly register with cryptoDan Streetman
2015-07-23crypto: nx - rename nx-842-crypto.c to nx-842.cDan Streetman
2015-07-23crypto: nx - merge nx-compress and nx-compress-cryptoDan Streetman
2015-07-23crypto: nx - use common code for both NX decompress success casesDan Streetman
2015-07-23crypto: nx - don't register pSeries driver if ENODEVDan Streetman
2015-07-23crypto: nx - move kzalloc() out of spinlockDan Streetman
2015-07-23crypto: nx - remove pSeries NX 'status' fieldDan Streetman