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+# IEC 62439-3 High-availability Seamless Redundancy
+config HSR
+ tristate "High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR)"
+ ---help---
+ If you say Y here, then your Linux box will be able to act as a
+ DANH ("Doubly attached node implementing HSR"). For this to work,
+ your Linux box needs (at least) two physical Ethernet interfaces,
+ and it must be connected as a node in a ring network together with
+ other HSR capable nodes.
+ All Ethernet frames sent over the hsr device will be sent in both
+ directions on the ring (over both slave ports), giving a redundant,
+ instant fail-over network. Each HSR node in the ring acts like a
+ bridge for HSR frames, but filters frames that have been forwarded
+ earlier.
+ This code is a "best effort" to comply with the HSR standard as
+ described in IEC 62439-3:2010 (HSRv0), but no compliancy tests have
+ been made.
+ You need to perform any and all necessary tests yourself before
+ relying on this code in a safety critical system!
+ If unsure, say N.