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2.2 Using Endpoint Test function Device
pcitest.sh added in tools/pci/ can be used to run all the default PCI endpoint
-tests. Before pcitest.sh can be used pcitest.c should be compiled using the
-following commands.
+tests. To compile this tool the following commands should be used:
- cd <kernel-dir>
- make headers_install ARCH=arm
- arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc -Iusr/include tools/pci/pcitest.c -o pcitest
- cp pcitest <rootfs>/usr/sbin/
- cp tools/pci/pcitest.sh <rootfs>
+ # cd <kernel-dir>
+ # make -C tools/pci
+or if you desire to compile and install in your system:
+ # cd <kernel-dir>
+ # make -C tools/pci install
+The tool and script will be located in <rootfs>/usr/bin/
2.2.1 pcitest.sh Output
- # ./pcitest.sh
+ # pcitest.sh
BAR tests