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authorLinus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>2014-10-13 11:28:42 +0200
committerLinus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>2014-10-13 11:28:42 +0200
commit77c688ac87183537ed0fb84ec2cb8fa8ec97c458 (patch)
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parent5e40d331bd72447197f26525f21711c4a265b6a6 (diff)
parenta457606a6f81cfddfc9da1ef2a8bf2c65a8eb35e (diff)
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/viro/vfs
Pull vfs updates from Al Viro: "The big thing in this pile is Eric's unmount-on-rmdir series; we finally have everything we need for that. The final piece of prereqs is delayed mntput() - now filesystem shutdown always happens on shallow stack. Other than that, we have several new primitives for iov_iter (Matt Wilcox, culled from his XIP-related series) pushing the conversion to ->read_iter()/ ->write_iter() a bit more, a bunch of fs/dcache.c cleanups and fixes (including the external name refcounting, which gives consistent behaviour of d_move() wrt procfs symlinks for long and short names alike) and assorted cleanups and fixes all over the place. This is just the first pile; there's a lot of stuff from various people that ought to go in this window. Starting with unionmount/overlayfs mess... ;-/" * 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/viro/vfs: (60 commits) fs/file_table.c: Update alloc_file() comment vfs: Deduplicate code shared by xattr system calls operating on paths reiserfs: remove pointless forward declaration of struct nameidata don't need that forward declaration of struct nameidata in dcache.h anymore take dname_external() into fs/dcache.c let path_init() failures treated the same way as subsequent link_path_walk() fix misuses of f_count() in ppp and netlink ncpfs: use list_for_each_entry() for d_subdirs walk vfs: move getname() from callers to do_mount() gfs2_atomic_open(): skip lookups on hashed dentry [infiniband] remove pointless assignments gadgetfs: saner API for gadgetfs_create_file() f_fs: saner API for ffs_sb_create_file() jfs: don't hash direct inode [s390] remove pointless assignment of ->f_op in vmlogrdr ->open() ecryptfs: ->f_op is never NULL android: ->f_op is never NULL nouveau: __iomem misannotations missing annotation in fs/file.c fs: namespace: suppress 'may be used uninitialized' warnings ...
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1 files changed, 10 insertions, 13 deletions
diff --git a/arch/alpha/kernel/osf_sys.c b/arch/alpha/kernel/osf_sys.c
index 1402fcc11c2c..f9c732e18284 100644
--- a/arch/alpha/kernel/osf_sys.c
+++ b/arch/alpha/kernel/osf_sys.c
@@ -446,7 +446,8 @@ struct procfs_args {
* unhappy with OSF UFS. [CHECKME]
static int
-osf_ufs_mount(const char *dirname, struct ufs_args __user *args, int flags)
+osf_ufs_mount(const char __user *dirname,
+ struct ufs_args __user *args, int flags)
int retval;
struct cdfs_args tmp;
@@ -466,7 +467,8 @@ osf_ufs_mount(const char *dirname, struct ufs_args __user *args, int flags)
static int
-osf_cdfs_mount(const char *dirname, struct cdfs_args __user *args, int flags)
+osf_cdfs_mount(const char __user *dirname,
+ struct cdfs_args __user *args, int flags)
int retval;
struct cdfs_args tmp;
@@ -486,7 +488,8 @@ osf_cdfs_mount(const char *dirname, struct cdfs_args __user *args, int flags)
static int
-osf_procfs_mount(const char *dirname, struct procfs_args __user *args, int flags)
+osf_procfs_mount(const char __user *dirname,
+ struct procfs_args __user *args, int flags)
struct procfs_args tmp;
@@ -500,28 +503,22 @@ SYSCALL_DEFINE4(osf_mount, unsigned long, typenr, const char __user *, path,
int, flag, void __user *, data)
int retval;
- struct filename *name;
- name = getname(path);
- retval = PTR_ERR(name);
- if (IS_ERR(name))
- goto out;
switch (typenr) {
case 1:
- retval = osf_ufs_mount(name->name, data, flag);
+ retval = osf_ufs_mount(path, data, flag);
case 6:
- retval = osf_cdfs_mount(name->name, data, flag);
+ retval = osf_cdfs_mount(path, data, flag);
case 9:
- retval = osf_procfs_mount(name->name, data, flag);
+ retval = osf_procfs_mount(path, data, flag);
retval = -EINVAL;
printk("osf_mount(%ld, %x)\n", typenr, flag);
- putname(name);
- out:
return retval;