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authorAllen Hubbe <Allen.Hubbe@emc.com>2015-05-11 05:45:30 -0400
committerJon Mason <jdmason@kudzu.us>2015-07-04 14:06:40 -0400
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NTB: Add parameters for Intel SNB B2B addresses
Add module parameters for the addresses to be used in B2B topology. Signed-off-by: Allen Hubbe <Allen.Hubbe@emc.com> Signed-off-by: Jon Mason <jdmason@kudzu.us>
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@@ -56,3 +56,13 @@ Module Parameters:
* b2b\_mw\_share - If the peer ntb is to be accessed via a memory window, and if
the memory window is large enough, still allow the client to use the
second half of the memory window for address translation to the peer.
+* snb\_b2b\_usd\_bar2\_addr64 - If using B2B topology on Xeon hardware, use this
+ 64 bit address on the bus between the NTB devices for the window at
+ BAR2, on the upstream side of the link.
+* snb\_b2b\_usd\_bar4\_addr64 - See *snb\_b2b\_bar2\_addr64*.
+* snb\_b2b\_usd\_bar4\_addr32 - See *snb\_b2b\_bar2\_addr64*.
+* snb\_b2b\_usd\_bar5\_addr32 - See *snb\_b2b\_bar2\_addr64*.
+* snb\_b2b\_dsd\_bar2\_addr64 - See *snb\_b2b\_bar2\_addr64*.
+* snb\_b2b\_dsd\_bar4\_addr64 - See *snb\_b2b\_bar2\_addr64*.
+* snb\_b2b\_dsd\_bar4\_addr32 - See *snb\_b2b\_bar2\_addr64*.
+* snb\_b2b\_dsd\_bar5\_addr32 - See *snb\_b2b\_bar2\_addr64*.