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+* Synopsys Designware Mobile Storage Host Controller
+The Synopsys designware mobile storage host controller is used to interface
+a SoC with storage medium such as eMMC or SD/MMC cards. This file documents
+differences between the core mmc properties described by mmc.txt and the
+properties used by the Synopsys Designware Mobile Storage Host Controller.
+Required Properties:
+* compatible: should be
+ - snps,dw-mshc: for controllers compliant with synopsys dw-mshc.
+* #address-cells: should be 1.
+* #size-cells: should be 0.
+# Slots: The slot specific information are contained within child-nodes with
+ each child-node representing a supported slot. There should be atleast one
+ child node representing a card slot. The name of the child node representing
+ the slot is recommended to be slot@n where n is the unique number of the slot
+ connnected to the controller. The following are optional properties which
+ can be included in the slot child node.
+ * reg: specifies the physical slot number. The valid values of this
+ property is 0 to (num-slots -1), where num-slots is the value
+ specified by the num-slots property.
+ * bus-width: as documented in mmc core bindings.
+ * wp-gpios: specifies the write protect gpio line. The format of the
+ gpio specifier depends on the gpio controller. If a GPIO is not used
+ for write-protect, this property is optional.
+ * disable-wp: If the wp-gpios property isn't present then (by default)
+ we'd assume that the write protect is hooked up directly to the
+ controller's special purpose write protect line (accessible via
+ the WRTPRT register). However, it's possible that we simply don't
+ want write protect. In that case specify 'disable-wp'.
+ NOTE: This property is not required for slots known to always
+ connect to eMMC or SDIO cards.
+Optional properties:
+* clocks: from common clock binding: handle to biu and ciu clocks for the
+ bus interface unit clock and the card interface unit clock.
+* clock-names: from common clock binding: Shall be "biu" and "ciu".
+ If the biu clock is missing we'll simply skip enabling it. If the
+ ciu clock is missing we'll just assume that the clock is running at
+ clock-frequency. It is an error to omit both the ciu clock and the
+ clock-frequency.
+* clock-frequency: should be the frequency (in Hz) of the ciu clock. If this
+ is specified and the ciu clock is specified then we'll try to set the ciu
+ clock to this at probe time.
+* num-slots: specifies the number of slots supported by the controller.
+ The number of physical slots actually used could be equal or less than the
+ value specified by num-slots. If this property is not specified, the value
+ of num-slot property is assumed to be 1.
+* fifo-depth: The maximum size of the tx/rx fifo's. If this property is not
+ specified, the default value of the fifo size is determined from the
+ controller registers.
+* card-detect-delay: Delay in milli-seconds before detecting card after card
+ insert event. The default value is 0.
+* supports-highspeed: Enables support for high speed cards (up to 50MHz)
+* broken-cd: as documented in mmc core bindings.
+* vmmc-supply: The phandle to the regulator to use for vmmc. If this is
+ specified we'll defer probe until we can find this regulator.
+- All the MSHC controller nodes should be represented in the aliases node using
+ the following format 'mshc{n}' where n is a unique number for the alias.
+The MSHC controller node can be split into two portions, SoC specific and
+board specific portions as listed below.
+ dwmmc0@12200000 {
+ compatible = "snps,dw-mshc";
+ clocks = <&clock 351>, <&clock 132>;
+ clock-names = "biu", "ciu";
+ reg = <0x12200000 0x1000>;
+ interrupts = <0 75 0>;
+ #address-cells = <1>;
+ #size-cells = <0>;
+ };
+ dwmmc0@12200000 {
+ clock-frequency = <400000000>;
+ num-slots = <1>;
+ supports-highspeed;
+ broken-cd;
+ fifo-depth = <0x80>;
+ card-detect-delay = <200>;
+ vmmc-supply = <&buck8>;
+ slot@0 {
+ reg = <0>;
+ bus-width = <8>;
+ };
+ };