BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
earlydebuguglyhack printasciiLinus Walleij8 months
masterMerge tag 'for-5.1-rc4-tag' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds3 months
stmpeARM: ux500: set pull-up on STUIB STMPE IRQ lineLinus Walleij8 months
tc3589x-gpiohack-testUglyhack for testing GPIO on Ux500, do not applyLinus Walleij8 months
tcmARM TCM sample codeLinus Walleij16 months
ux500-cleanupsARM: ux500: add missing of_node_put()Nicholas Mc Guire3 months
ux500-dts-v5.2ARM: dts: Ux500: Add MCDE and Samsung displayLinus Walleij3 months
ux500-mcdenew workLinus Walleij3 months
ux500-mcde-olddrm/mcde: Add new driver for ST-Ericsson MCDELinus Walleij3 months
ux500-remapsARM: ux500: simplify and move debug UARTLinus Walleij16 months
ux500-dts-v5.2-armsoclinux-stericsson-ux500-dts-v5.2-armsoc.tar.gz  Linus Walleij3 months
v5.1-rc4linux-stericsson-5.1-rc4.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds3 months
v5.1-rc3linux-stericsson-5.1-rc3.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds4 months
v5.1-rc2linux-stericsson-5.1-rc2.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds4 months
v5.1-rc1linux-stericsson-5.1-rc1.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds4 months
v5.0linux-stericsson-5.0.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds5 months
v5.0-rc8linux-stericsson-5.0-rc8.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds5 months
v5.0-rc7linux-stericsson-5.0-rc7.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds5 months
v5.0-rc6linux-stericsson-5.0-rc6.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds5 months
v5.0-rc5linux-stericsson-5.0-rc5.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2005-08-07Linux 2.6.13-rc6v2.6.13-rc6Linus Torvalds
2005-08-07[PATCH] crc32.c typo fixDominik Hackl
2005-08-07[PATCH] Move the fix to align node_end_pfns to a proper locationRavikiran G Thirumalai
2005-08-07[PATCH] ppc32: 8xx commproc avoid direct pte manipulation, use dma coherent A...Marcelo Tosatti
2005-08-07[PATCH] ppc32: 8xx kill unused variable in commprocAristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho
2005-08-07[PATCH] ppc32: 8xx restrict ENET_BIG_BUFFERS optionAristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho
2005-08-07[PATCH] ppc32: 8xx fix CPM ethernet descriptionAristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho
2005-08-07[PATCH] ppc32: 8xx: fec: fix interrupt handler prototypesAristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho
2005-08-07[PATCH] ppc32: 8xx: using dma_alloc_coherent() instead consistent_alloc()Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho
2005-08-07[PATCH] ppc32: 8xx: convert fec driver to use work_structAristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho