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2013-01-23gles2: glslparser tests ported to glsl es 1.00 from glsl 1.10Tom Gall
2013-01-23gles2: add glslparser tests inTom Gall
2013-01-23gles2: add compiler tests for glsl-es-1.00. Ported from tests for 1.10.Tom Gall
2013-01-23glsl, gles2: add glsl2/frag tests for gles2Tom Gall
2013-01-23glsl, gles2: add glsl2/vert tests for gles2Tom Gall
2013-01-23glsl, gles2: add shader/vert tests for gles2Tom Gall
2013-01-23glsl, gles2: add shader/frag tests for gles2Tom Gall
2013-01-23glsl: gles2: add version 100Tom Gall
2013-01-21Add glsl-render-after-bad-attach to build and all.testsPaul Berry
2013-01-21texwrap: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21arb_texture_buffer_object/formats: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-colormask-formats: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-storage-completeness: Fix doxygen name.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-clear-formats: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-storage-formats: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-storage-*: de-StudlyCaps.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-storage-*: Use piglit_check_gl_error().Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-storage-*: Reindent to normal piglit style.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-readpixels-depth-formats: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-alphatest-formats: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-blending-formats: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21fbo-generate-mipmap-formats: Report subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21util: Allow varargs in reporting subtest results.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21util: Make a macro for marking functions as printflike.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21get-renderbuffer-internalformat: Skip testing unsupported enums.Eric Anholt
2013-01-21tbo/formats: fix test to disconnect programDave Airlie
2013-01-18glsl-fs-color-matrix: Check result of piglit_link_check_status.Vinson Lee
2013-01-18attribute0: Check result of piglit_link_check_status.Vinson Lee
2013-01-18fbo-drawbuffers2-color: test masked clearMarek Olšák
2013-01-18fbo-drawbuffers: test masked clearMarek Olšák
2013-01-18all.tests: split a plain test name into an array of argumentsMarek Olšák
2013-01-17glsl-mat-attribute: Use result of link status check.Vinson Lee
2013-01-16Accept array uniform names with or without [0] from glGetActiveUniformIan Romanick
2013-01-16shader_runner: Alter GL/GLSL ES version requirement syntax.Stuart Abercrombie
2013-01-15texelFetch: Fix incorrect sizeof.Vinson Lee
2013-01-15MSAA tests: only require GL2.1 with ARB_fbo and ARB_vaoMarek Olšák
2013-01-15ext_framebuffer_multisample/formats: don't try invalid renderbuffer formatsMarek Olšák
2013-01-15ext_framebuffer_multisample/formats: only create GLSL 1.30 shaders with GL3Marek Olšák
2013-01-15MSAA tests: don't use glClearBufferMarek Olšák
2013-01-15MSAA tests: port all GLSL shaders to GLSL 1.20Marek Olšák
2013-01-15all.tests: test 6x MSAAMarek Olšák
2013-01-15tests: add glsl-1.50 to test listDave Airlie
2013-01-15glsl-1.50: add simple sanity testDave Airlie
2013-01-15glsl-1.50: add no statement before first case compiler testDave Airlie
2013-01-14ext_framebuffer_multisample-negative-readpixels: Remove unused variable.Vinson Lee
2013-01-14arb_es2_compatibility: remove explicit 100x100 window sizeBrian Paul
2013-01-14glsl: remove explicit 100x100 window sizeBrian Paul
2013-01-14arb_map_buffer_alignment: remove explicit 100x100 window sizeBrian Paul
2013-01-14arb_debug_output: remove explicit 100x100 window sizeBrian Paul
2013-01-14arb_uniform_buffer_object: remove explicit 100x100 window sizeBrian Paul