path: root/tests/shaders/glsl-mat-attribute.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-17glsl-mat-attribute: Use result of link status check.Vinson Lee
2012-11-06shaders: remove config.window_width/height = 100 linesBrian Paul
2012-10-09util: Add fields to piglit_gl_test_config for listing supported GL flavors (v2)Chad Versace
2012-10-09util: Convert GL tests to use PIGLIT_GL_CONFIG_BEGIN/ENDChad Versace
2012-10-09util,tests: Replace GLUT visual enums with PIGLTI_GL_VISUAL enums (v2)Chad Versace
2012-09-10Convert simple if(piglit_get_gl_version() < N) { SKIP } to requireChris Forbes
2012-09-04Convert all glutSwapBuffers to piglit_present_resultsChris Forbes
2012-06-28util: Move piglit-util to piglit-util-gl-commonBlaž Tomažič
2012-06-20tests: Let each test define main()Chad Versace
2012-03-07Stop using GLEW_VERSION_* macrosPaul Berry
2011-04-29Rename PIGLIT_SUCCESS and PIGLIT_FAILURE to PIGLIT_PASS and PIGLIT_FAIL, resp.Marek Olšák
2010-11-20glsl-mat-attribute: Fix test so it runs with piglit-run.py.Vinson Lee
2010-09-24Fix test glsl-mat-attribute so it works on ATI and nVidia.Kenneth Graunke
2010-09-24Add error check for glsl-mat-attribute.vert not being loadedIan Romanick
2010-09-24Add test for shaders with matrix attributesIan Romanick