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Accept array uniform names with or without [0] from glGetActiveUniform
This is required by OpenGL ES 3.0 and desktop OpenGL 4.2. Previous version were ambiguous. Previously these tests failed on NVIDIA's closed-source driver (version 304.64) with the error messages: 0: f1 loc=0 size=1 type=0x1406 1: f2 loc=1 size=1 type=0x1406 2: s.a loc=2 size=1 type=0x1406 3: s.b loc=3 size=1 type=0x1406 4: s.c loc=4 size=1 type=0x1406 5: s.d loc=5 size=1 type=0x1406 6: v[0] loc=6 size=3 type=0x8b52 getuniform-02: wrong type for 'v' (found 0x8b52, expected 0x1406) and Unexpected max active uniform length (saw 9, expected 6) Unexpected active uniform length (saw 8, expected 5) for "color[0]" With these changes, both tests pass. Signed-off-by: Ian Romanick <ian.d.romanick@intel.com>
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