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2013-10-13IPv6 NAT: Do not drop DNATed 6to4/6rd packetsCatalin(ux) M. BOIE
2013-10-13ipv6: udp packets following an UFO enqueued packet need also be handled by UFOHannes Frederic Sowa
2013-10-13ip: generate unique IP identificator if local fragmentation is allowedAnsis Atteka
2013-10-13ip: use ip_hdr() in __ip_make_skb() to retrieve IP headerAnsis Atteka
2013-10-13net:dccp: do not report ICMP redirects to user spaceDuan Jiong
2013-10-13net: sctp: rfc4443: do not report ICMP redirects to user spaceDaniel Borkmann
2013-10-13ip6_tunnels: raddr and laddr are inverted in nl msgDing Zhi
2013-10-13bridge: fix NULL pointer deref of br_port_get_rcuHong Zhiguo
2013-10-13bridge: use br_port_get_rtnl within rtnl lockHong Zhiguo
2013-10-13bridge: Clamp forward_delay when enabling STPHerbert Xu
2013-10-13resubmit bridge: fix message_age_timer calculationChris Healy
2013-10-13net: sctp: fix ipv6 ipsec encryption bug in sctp_v6_xmitDaniel Borkmann
2013-10-13netpoll: fix NULL pointer dereference in netpoll_cleanupNikolay Aleksandrov
2013-10-13netpoll: Should handle ETH_P_ARP other than ETH_P_IP in netpoll_neigh_replySonic Zhang
2013-10-13net_sched: htb: fix a typo in htb_change_class()Vimalkumar
2013-10-13net: flow_dissector: fix thoff for IPPROTO_AHEric Dumazet
2013-10-13net: fix multiqueue selectionEric Dumazet
2013-10-13net: sctp: fix smatch warning in sctp_send_asconf_del_ipDaniel Borkmann
2013-10-13net: sctp: fix bug in sctp_poll for SOCK_SELECT_ERR_QUEUEDaniel Borkmann
2013-10-13net: fib: fib6_add: fix potential NULL pointer dereferenceDaniel Borkmann
2013-10-13ipv6/exthdrs: accept tlv which includes only paddingJiri Pirko
2013-10-13tcp: Add missing braces to do_tcp_setsockoptDave Jones
2013-10-13caif: Add missing braces to multiline if in cfctrl_linkup_requestDave Jones
2013-10-13HID: fix unused rsize usageJiri Kosina
2013-10-13HID: fix data access in implement()Jiri Kosina
2013-10-04Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk' into linux-linaro-lsk-androidMark Brown
2013-10-01netfilter: ipset: Fix serious failure in CIDR trackingOliver Smith
2013-10-01rpc: let xdr layer allocate gssproxy receieve pagesJ. Bruce Fields
2013-10-01rpc: fix huge kmalloc's in gss-proxyJ. Bruce Fields
2013-10-01rpc: comment on linux_cred encoding, treat all as unsignedJ. Bruce Fields
2013-10-01rpc: clean up decoding of gssproxy linux credsJ. Bruce Fields
2013-09-27Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk' into linux-linaro-lsk-androidMark Brown
2013-09-26libceph: use pg_num_mask instead of pgp_num_mask for pg.seed calcSage Weil
2013-09-26libceph: unregister request in __map_request failed and nofail == falsemajianpeng
2013-09-26net: Check the correct namespace when spoofing pid over SCM_RIGHTSAndy Lutomirski
2013-09-15Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk' into linux-linaro-lsk-androidlsk-android-13.09Mark Brown
2013-09-14net: ipv6: tcp: fix potential use after free in tcp_v6_do_rcvDaniel Borkmann
2013-09-14ipv6: fix null pointer dereference in __ip6addrlbl_addHannes Frederic Sowa
2013-09-14ICMPv6: treat dest unreachable codes 5 and 6 as EACCES, not EPROTOJiri Bohac
2013-09-14net: bridge: convert MLDv2 Query MRC into msecs_to_jiffies for max_delayDaniel Borkmann
2013-09-14net: revert 8728c544a9c ("net: dev_pick_tx() fix")Eric Dumazet
2013-09-14tipc: set sk_err correctly when connection failsErik Hugne
2013-09-14tcp: tcp_make_synack() should use sock_wmallocPhil Oester
2013-09-14ipv6: Don't depend on per socket memory for neighbour discovery messagesThomas Graf
2013-09-14ipv4: sendto/hdrincl: don't use destination address found in headerChris Clark
2013-09-14tcp: don't apply tsoffset if rcv_tsecr is zeroAndrew Vagin
2013-09-14tcp: initialize rcv_tstamp for restored socketsAndrew Vagin
2013-09-14net_sched: restore "linklayer atm" handlingJesper Dangaard Brouer
2013-09-14bridge: Use the correct bit length for bitmap functions in the VLAN codeToshiaki Makita
2013-09-14packet: restore packet statistics tp_packets to include dropsWillem de Bruijn