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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-10-19Use helpers to obtain task pid in printksPavel Emelyanov
2007-10-19Isolate some explicit usage of task->tgidPavel Emelyanov
2007-10-19Uninline find_task_by_xxx set of functionsPavel Emelyanov
2007-10-19pid namespaces: changes to show virtual ids to userPavel Emelyanov
2007-10-19mm/oom_kill.c: Use list_for_each_entry instead of list_for_eachMatthias Kaehlcke
2007-10-19pid namespaces: define is_global_init() and is_container_init()Serge E. Hallyn
2007-10-19Task Control Groups: make cpusets a client of cgroupsPaul Menage
2007-10-19kernel-api docbook: fix content problemsRandy Dunlap
2007-10-19setup vma->vm_page_prot by vm_get_page_prot()Coly Li
2007-10-19remove unused flush_tlb_pgtablesBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2007-10-18Include <linux/backing-dev.h> in mm/filemap.cLinus Torvalds
2007-10-18sparse pointer use of zero as nullStephen Hemminger
2007-10-18cpu hotplug: slab: fix memory leak in cpu hotplug error pathAkinobu Mita
2007-10-18cpu hotplug: slab: cleanup cpuup_callback()Akinobu Mita
2007-10-17Merge branch 'xen-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2007-10-17security/ cleanupsAdrian Bunk
2007-10-17Implement file posix capabilitiesSerge E. Hallyn
2007-10-17remap_file_pages: kernel-doc correctionsRandy Dunlap
2007-10-17r/o bind mounts: filesystem helpers for custom 'struct file'sDave Hansen
2007-10-17writeback: remove unnecessary wait in throttle_vm_writeout()Fengguang Wu
2007-10-17introduce I_SYNCJoern Engel
2007-10-17writeback: introduce writeback_control.more_io to indicate more ioFengguang Wu
2007-10-17Delete gcc-2.95 compatible structure definition.Robert P. J. Day
2007-10-17Drop some headers from mm.hAlexey Dobriyan
2007-10-17SLAB_PANIC more (proc, posix-timers, shmem)Alexey Dobriyan
2007-10-17writeback: don't propagate AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATEAndrew Morton
2007-10-17mm: document tree_lock->zone.lock lockorderNick Piggin
2007-10-17mm: test and set zone reclaim lock before starting reclaimDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: convert zone_scan_lock from mutex to spinlockDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: do not take callback_mutexDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: compare cpuset mems_allowed instead of exclusive ancestorsDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: suppress extraneous stack and memory dumpDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: add oom_kill_allocating_task sysctlDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: serialize out of memory callsDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: add per-zone lockingDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: change all_unreclaimable zone member to flagsDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: move constraints to enumDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17oom: move prototypes to appropriate header fileDavid Rientjes
2007-10-17Slab API: remove useless ctor parameter and reorder parametersChristoph Lameter
2007-10-17SLUB: simplify IRQ off handlingChristoph Lameter
2007-10-17mm: dirty balancing for tasksPeter Zijlstra
2007-10-17mm: per device dirty thresholdPeter Zijlstra
2007-10-17mm: count writeback pages per BDIPeter Zijlstra
2007-10-17mm: count reclaimable pages per BDIPeter Zijlstra
2007-10-17mm: scalable bdi statistics countersPeter Zijlstra
2007-10-17mm: bdi init hooksPeter Zijlstra
2007-10-17nfs: remove congestion_end()Peter Zijlstra
2007-10-16xen: lock pte pages while pinning/unpinningJeremy Fitzhardinge
2007-10-16Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.dk/data/git/linux-2.6-blockLinus Torvalds
2007-10-16mm/vmstat.c: cleanupsAdrian Bunk