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2009-12-16memcg: avoid oom-killing innocent task in case of use_hierarchyDaisuke Nishimura
2009-12-16memcg: cleanup mem_cgroup_move_parent()Daisuke Nishimura
2009-12-16memcg: add mem_cgroup_cancel_charge()Daisuke Nishimura
2009-12-16memcg: make memcg's file mapped consistent with global VMKAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
2009-12-16memcg: coalesce charging via percpu storageKAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
2009-12-16memcg: coalesce uncharge during unmap/truncateKAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
2009-12-16memcg: fix memory.memsw.usage_in_bytes for root cgroupKirill A. Shutemov
2009-12-16oom-kill: fix NUMA constraint check with nodemaskKAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
2009-12-16oom-kill: show virtual size and rss information of the killed processKOSAKI Motohiro
2009-12-15nommu: fix malloc performance by adding uninitialized flagJie Zhang
2009-12-15mm hugetlb: add hugepage support to pagemapNaoya Horiguchi
2009-12-15mm: hugetlb: fix hugepage memory leak in walk_page_range()Naoya Horiguchi
2009-12-15mm: hugetlb: fix hugepage memory leak in mincore()Naoya Horiguchi
2009-12-15hugetlb: abort a hugepage pool resize if a signal is pendingMel Gorman
2009-12-15mlock: replace stale comments in munlock_vma_page()Lee Schermerhorn
2009-12-15mm: remove unevictable_migrate_page functionLee Schermerhorn
2009-12-15hugetlb: acquire the i_mmap_lock before walking the prio_tree to unmap a pageMel Gorman
2009-12-15mm: uncached vma support with writenotifyMagnus Damm
2009-12-15vmscan: simplify codeHuang Shijie
2009-12-15vmscan: do not evict inactive pages when skipping an active list scanRik van Riel
2009-12-15mm/bootmem.c: properly __init-annotate helper functionsJan Beulich
2009-12-15mm: simplify try_to_unmap_one()KOSAKI Motohiro
2009-12-15mm: fix section mismatch in memory_hotplug.cRakib Mullick
2009-12-15hugetlb: prevent deadlock in __unmap_hugepage_range() when alloc_huge_page() ...Larry Woodman
2009-12-15mm: memory_hotplug: make offline_pages() staticAndrew Morton
2009-12-15ksm: remove unswappable max_kernel_pagesHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: memory hotremove migration onlyHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: rmap_walk to remove_migation_ptesHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: mem cgroup charge swapin copyHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: share anon page without allocatingHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: take keyhole reference to pageHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: hold anon_vma in rmap_itemHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: let shared pages be swappableHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: fix mlockfreed to munlockedHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: stable_node point to page and backHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: separate stable_nodeHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: singly-linked rmap_listHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: cleanup some function argumentsHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: remove redundancies when merging pageHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: three remove_rmap_item_from_tree cleanupsHugh Dickins
2009-12-15vmscan: make consistent of reclaim bale out between do_try_to_free_page and s...KOSAKI Motohiro
2009-12-15vmscan: kill sc.swap_cluster_maxKOSAKI Motohiro
2009-12-15vmscan: zone_reclaim() don't use insane swap_cluster_maxKOSAKI Motohiro
2009-12-15vmscan: kill hibernation specific reclaim logic and unify itKOSAKI Motohiro
2009-12-15vmscan: separate sc.swap_cluster_max and sc.nr_max_reclaimKOSAKI Motohiro
2009-12-15mm: sigbus instead of abusing oomHugh Dickins
2009-12-15mm: stop ptlock enlarging struct pageHugh Dickins
2009-12-15mm: pass address down to rmap onesHugh Dickins
2009-12-15mm: CONFIG_MMU for PG_mlockedHugh Dickins
2009-12-15mm: mlocking in try_to_unmap_oneHugh Dickins