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2013-04-25Merge branch 'topic/si476x' into patchworkMauro Carvalho Chehab
2013-04-25[media] videobuf-dma-contig: remove support for cached memMauro Carvalho Chehab
2013-04-18[media] v4l2: Add a V4L2 driver for SI476X MFDAndrey Smirnov
2013-04-17Revert "[media] v4l2: Add a V4L2 driver for SI476X MFD"Mauro Carvalho Chehab
2013-04-14[media] rc: add rc-reddoAntti Palosaari
2013-04-14[media] v4l2: rename VIDIOC_DBG_G_CHIP_NAME to _CHIP_INFOHans Verkuil
2013-04-14[media] v4l2: put VIDIOC_DBG_G_CHIP_NAME under ADV_DEBUGHans Verkuil
2013-04-14[media] mt9p031: Use the common clock frameworkLaurent Pinchart
2013-04-14[media] exynos4-is: Move the subdev group ID definitions to public headerSylwester Nawrocki
2013-04-08[media] tuner-core: Change config from unsigned int to void *Ondrej Zary
2013-04-04[media] exynos4-is: Allow colorspace conversion at FIMC-LITESylwester Nawrocki
2013-04-04[media] V4L: Remove incorrect EXPORT_SYMBOL() usage at v4l2-of.cSylwester Nawrocki
2013-04-04[media] soc_camera: Add RGB666 & RGB888 formatsPhil Edworthy
2013-03-31[media] s5p-fimc: Remove dependency on fimc-core.h in fimc-lite driverSylwester Nawrocki
2013-03-31[media] s5p-fimc: Add device tree based sensors registrationSylwester Nawrocki
2013-03-31[media] s5p-fimc: Add device tree support for the media device driverSylwester Nawrocki
2013-03-31[media] s5p-csis: Add device tree supportSylwester Nawrocki
2013-03-31[media] Add a V4L2 OF parserGuennadi Liakhovetski
2013-03-29[media] v4l2: Add a V4L2 driver for SI476X MFDAndrey Smirnov
2013-03-29[media] ioctl numbers are unsigned intMauro Carvalho Chehab
2013-03-25[media] v4l2: add new VIDIOC_DBG_G_CHIP_NAME ioctlHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] v4l2 core: remove the obsolete dv_preset supportHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] v4l2-subdev: remove obsolete dv_preset opsHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] v4l2-common: remove obsolete v4l_fill_dv_preset_infoHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] uda1342: add new uda1342 audio codec driverHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] tuner: add Sony BTF tunersHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] saa7115: add support for double-rate ASCLKHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] saa7115: add config flag to change the IDQ polarityHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] v4l2-core: add code to check for specific opsHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] v4l2-ctrls: eliminate lockdep false alarms for struct v4l2_ctrl_handl...Andy Walls
2013-03-24[media] v4l2: add const to argument of write-only s_register ioctlHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] v4l2: pass std by value to the write-only s_std ioctlHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] v4l2: add const to argument of write-only s_tuner ioctlHans Verkuil
2013-03-24[media] v4l2: add const to argument of write-only s_frequency ioctlHans Verkuil
2013-03-23[media] rc-core: don't treat dev->rc_map.rc_type as a bitmapDavid Härdeman
2013-03-21[media] media: ths7353: add support for ths7353 video amplifierLad, Prabhakar
2013-03-21[media] videobuf2: add gfp_flagsHans Verkuil
2013-03-19[media] davinci: more gama -> gamma typo fixesHans Verkuil
2013-03-19[media] davinci/dm644x_ccdc: fix compiler warningHans Verkuil
2013-03-19[media] davinci: remove VPBE_ENC_DV_PRESET and rename VPBE_ENC_CUSTOM_TIMINGSHans Verkuil
2013-03-18[media] media: Add 64--32 bit compat ioctl handlerSakari Ailus
2013-03-05[media] vb2: Add support for non monotonic timestampsKamil Debski
2013-03-05[media] bttv: add VIDIOC_DBG_G_CHIP_IDENTHans Verkuil
2013-02-08[media] media: ov7670: Add possibility to disable pixclk during hblankJavier Martin
2013-02-08[media] media: ov7670: add possibility to bypass pll for ov7675Javier Martin
2013-02-06[media] blackfin: add error frame supportScott Jiang
2013-02-06[media] media: tvp514x: remove field descriptionPrabhakar Lad
2013-02-05[media] media: adv7343: accept configuration through platform dataLad, Prabhakar
2013-02-05[media] s5p-fimc: Redefine platform data structure for fimc-isSylwester Nawrocki
2013-02-05[media] V4L: Add S5C73M3 camera driverAndrzej Hajda