path: root/include/linux/ima.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-27Remove spurious _H suffixes from ifdef commentsPaul Bolle
2012-12-14ima: support new kernel module syscallMimi Zohar
2012-09-07ima: add ima_inode_setxattr/removexattr function and callsMimi Zohar
2012-09-07ima: add inode_post_setattr callMimi Zohar
2011-07-18integrity: move ima inode integrity data managementMimi Zohar
2011-02-10IMA: maintain i_readcount in the VFS layerMimi Zohar
2010-02-07ima: rename ima_path_check to ima_file_checkMimi Zohar
2010-02-07fix ima breakageMimi Zohar
2009-12-16Untangling ima mess, part 3: kill dead code in imaAl Viro
2009-06-29integrity: add ima_counts_put (updated)Mimi Zohar
2009-05-22integrity: path_check updateMimi Zohar
2009-02-11integrity: shmem zero fixMimi Zohar
2009-02-06Integrity: IMA file free imbalanceMimi Zohar
2009-02-06integrity: IMA as an integrity service providerMimi Zohar
2009-02-06integrity: IMA hooksMimi Zohar