path: root/drivers/input/tablet/wacom_wac.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-05Input: wacom - add three new display tabletsPing Cheng
2013-02-13Input: wacom - add support for DTH-2242Ping Cheng
2013-01-06Input: wacom - use new input-mt routinesPing Cheng
2012-11-08Input: wacom - add support for 2 new multi-touch tablets (0x100 and 0x101)Ping Cheng
2012-10-25Input: wacom - add touch sensor support for Cintiq 24HD touchJason Gerecke
2012-10-25Input: wacom - handle split-sensor devices with internal hubsJason Gerecke
2012-07-24Input: wacom - add support to Cintiq 22HDPing Cheng
2012-06-12Input: wacom - add two new devices (0xed and 0xef)Ping Cheng
2012-06-12Input: wacom - rearrange type enumPing Cheng
2012-04-29Input: wacom - add 0xE5 (MT device) supportPing Cheng
2012-04-29Input: wacom - retrieve maximum number of touch pointsPing Cheng
2012-04-04Input: wacom - add Intuos5 Touch Ring/ExpressKey supportJason Gerecke
2012-04-04Input: wacom - add basic Intuos5 supportJason Gerecke
2012-03-25Input: wacom - wireless battery statusChris Bagwell
2012-03-25Input: wacom - create inputs when wireless connectChris Bagwell
2012-03-25Input: wacom - wireless monitor frameworkChris Bagwell
2012-01-31Input: wacom - use switch statement for wacom_tpc_irq()Ping Cheng
2011-12-12Input: wacom - add support for Cintiq 24HDJason Gerecke
2011-10-26Input: wacom - 3rd gen Bamboo P&Touch packet supportChris Bagwell
2011-10-26Input: wacom - read 3rd gen Bamboo Touch HID dataChris Bagwell
2011-03-26Input: wacom - report resolution for pen devicesPing Cheng
2011-03-12Input: wacom - support one finger touch the touchscreen wayPing Cheng
2011-03-12Input: wacom - do not send 2FGT Tablet PC events in TAP formatPing Cheng
2010-12-16input: mt: Move tracking and pointer emulation to input-mtHenrik Rydberg
2010-09-05Input: wacom - add a quirk for low resolution Bamboo devicesHenrik Rydberg
2010-09-05Input: wacom - add support for the Bamboo Touch trackpadHenrik Rydberg
2010-09-05Input: wacom - collect device quirks into single functionHenrik Rydberg
2010-09-05Input: wacom - parse the Bamboo device familyPing Cheng
2010-09-05Input: wacom - add fuzz parameters to featuresHenrik Rydberg
2010-06-28Input: wacom - add support for DTU2231 and DTU1631Ping Cheng
2010-06-04Input: wacom - add Cintiq 21UX2 and Intuos4 WLPing Cheng
2010-04-13Input: wacom - streamline 2-finger touch supportPing Cheng
2010-04-13Input: wacom - get rid of input event wrappersDmitry Torokhov
2010-04-13Input: wacom - do not allocate wacom_wac separatelyDmitry Torokhov
2010-04-13Input: wacom - share pen info with touch of the same IDPing Cheng
2010-03-01Input: wacom - replace WACOM_PKGLEN_PENABLEDPing Cheng
2010-02-20Input: wacom - add device type to device name stringPing Cheng
2010-02-19Input: wacom - use per-device instance of wacom_featuresJason Childs
2009-12-15Input: wacom - add defines for data packet report IDsPing Cheng
2009-12-15Input: wacom - add support for new LCD tabletsPing Cheng
2009-12-15Input: wacom - add defines for packet lengths of various devicesPing Cheng
2009-05-08Input: wacom - add support for Intuos4 tabletsPing Cheng
2008-11-26Input: wacom - add support for new USB Tablet PCsPing Cheng
2008-03-14Input: wacom - add support for Bamboo1, BambooFun, and Cintiq 12WXPing Cheng
2007-07-10Input: wacom - add support for the new Bamboo tabletsPing Cheng
2007-05-08Input: move USB tablets under drivers/input/tabletDmitry Torokhov