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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-06clk: remove notifier from list before freeing itLai Jiangshan
2013-04-27clk: add clk_ignore_unused option to keep boot clocks onOlof Johansson
2013-04-15clk: export __clk_get_flags for modular clock providersSebastian Hesselbarth
2013-04-10clk: Properly handle notifier return valuesSoren Brinkmann
2013-04-08clk: Fixup locking issues for clk_set_parentUlf Hansson
2013-04-08clk: Fixup errorhandling for clk_set_parentUlf Hansson
2013-04-08clk: Restructure code for __clk_reparentUlf Hansson
2013-04-02clk: allow reentrant calls into the clk frameworkMike Turquette
2013-04-02clk: abstract locking out into helper functionsMike Turquette
2013-03-22clk: Fix incorrect return type in clk.cSachin Kamat
2013-03-19clk: Introduce optional unprepare_unused callbackUlf Hansson
2013-03-19clk: Unprepare the unused prepared slow clocks at late initUlf Hansson
2013-03-19clk: Introduce optional is_prepared callbackUlf Hansson
2013-02-27hlist: drop the node parameter from iteratorsSasha Levin
2013-01-24clk: add common of_clk_init() functionPrashant Gaikwad
2013-01-21clk: Deduplicate exit code in clk_set_rateNestor Ovroy
2013-01-11clk: JSON debugfs clock tree summaryPrashant Gaikwad
2013-01-11clk: human-readable debugfs clock tree summaryPrashant Gaikwad
2013-01-11clk: export __clk_get_name for re-use in imx-ipu-v3 and othersNiels de Vos
2013-01-11clk: Don't mark shared helper functions as inlineRuss Dill
2012-12-10clk: introduce optional disable_unused callbackMike Turquette
2012-11-26clk: clock multiplexers may register out of orderMartin Fuzzey
2012-10-29clk: Add devm_clk_{register,unregister}()Stephen Boyd
2012-10-29clk: Don't return negative numbers for unsigned values with !clkStephen Boyd
2012-09-07clk: add of_clk_src_onecell_get() supportShawn Guo
2012-09-06clk: Provide option for clk_get_rate to issue hw for new rateUlf Hansson
2012-07-30clk: validate pointer in __clk_disable()Fengguang Wu
2012-07-11clk: add DT clock binding supportGrant Likely
2012-07-11clk: cache parent clocks only for muxesRajendra Nayak
2012-07-03clk: fix parent validation in __clk_set_parent()Rajendra Nayak
2012-06-25clk: Check parent for NULL in clk_change_ratePawel Moll
2012-06-25clk: Allow late cache allocation for clk->parentsRajendra Nayak
2012-05-15clk: Fix CLK_SET_RATE_GATE flag validation in clk_set_rate().Saravana Kannan
2012-05-15clk: Provide dummy clk_unregister()Mark Brown
2012-05-08clk: remove COMMON_CLK_DISABLE_UNUSEDMike Turquette
2012-05-08clk: prevent spurious parent rate propagationMike Turquette
2012-05-01clk: clk_set_rate() must fail if CLK_SET_RATE_GATE is set and clk is enabledViresh Kumar
2012-05-01clk: Use a separate struct for holding init data.Saravana Kannan
2012-04-24clk: Don't set clk->new_rate twiceViresh Kumar
2012-04-24clk: propagate round_rate for CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT caseShawn Guo
2012-04-24clk: pass parent_rate into .set_rateShawn Guo
2012-04-24clk: always pass parent_rate into .round_rateShawn Guo
2012-04-24clk: core: copy parent_names & return error codesMike Turquette
2012-04-24clk: Constify parent name arraysMark Brown
2012-04-24clk: Make clk_get_rate() return 0 on errorRajendra Nayak
2012-04-24clk: core: enforce clk_ops consistencyMike Turquette
2012-04-24clk: core: clk_calc_new_rates handles NULL parentsMike Turquette
2012-04-24clk: core: remove dead code pathsMike Turquette
2012-04-24clk: core: correct clk_set_rate kerneldocMike Turquette
2012-03-16clk: introduce the common clock frameworkMike Turquette