path: root/drivers/block/mtip32xx/mtip32xx.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-03mtip32xx: Add debugfs entry device_statusAsai Thambi S P
2013-01-11mtip32xx: add trim supportAsai Thambi S P
2013-01-11mtip32xx: Add workqueue and NUMA supportAsai Thambi S P
2012-11-23mtip32xx: Fix padding issueSelvan Mani
2012-11-23mtip32xx: Fix incorrect mask used for erase modeSelvan Mani
2012-10-30mtip32xx:Added appropriate timeout value for secure eraseSelvan Mani
2012-09-12mtip32xx: Handle NCQ commands during the security locked stateAsai Thambi S P
2012-09-12mtip32xx: Add support for new devicesAsai Thambi S P
2012-06-05mtip32xx: Create debugfs entries for troubleshootingAsai Thambi S P
2012-06-04mtip32xx: Remove version.h header file inclusionSachin Kamat
2012-05-31mtip32xx: Convert macro definitions for flag bits to enumAsai Thambi S P
2012-04-09mtip32xx: fix handling of commands in various scenariosAsai Thambi S P
2012-04-09mtip32xx: Shorten macro namesAsai Thambi S P
2012-04-09mtip32xx: Add new sysfs entry 'status'Asai Thambi S P
2012-04-09mtip32xx: Add new bitwise flag 'dd_flag'Asai Thambi S P
2012-02-07mtip32xx: removed the irrelevant argument of mtip_hw_submit_io() and the unus...Asai Thambi S P
2012-01-04mtip32xx: do rebuild monitoring asynchronouslyAsai Thambi S P
2011-11-23mtip32xx: updates based on feedbackAsai Thambi S P
2011-11-05mtip32xx: ensure that all local functions are staticJens Axboe
2011-11-05mtip32xx: cleanup compat ioctl handlingJens Axboe
2011-11-05block: Add driver for Micron RealSSD pcie flash cardsSam Bradshaw