path: root/drivers/block/drbd/drbd_nl.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-28drbd: validate resync_after dependency on attach alreadyLars Ellenberg
2013-03-28drbd: Fix disconnect to keep the peer disk state if connection breaks during ...Philipp Reisner
2013-03-28drbd: drop now useless duplicate state request from invalidatePhilipp Reisner
2013-03-28drbd: move invalidating the whole bitmap out of after_state ch()Philipp Reisner
2013-03-22drbd: adjust upper limit for activity log extentsLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: prepare to queue write requests on a submit workerLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: read meta data early, base on-disk offsets on super blockLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: mechanically rename la_size to la_size_sectLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: use the cached meta_dev_idxLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: prepare for new striped layout of activity logLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: cleanup ondisk meta data layout calculations and definesLars Ellenberg
2012-12-06drbd: Fix drbdsetup wait-connect, wait-sync etc... commandsPhilipp Reisner
2012-12-06drbd: respect no-md-barriers setting also when changed online via disk-optionsLars Ellenberg
2012-11-09Merge branch 'drbd-8.4_ed6' into for-3.8-drivers-drbd-8.4_ed6Philipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: Broadcast sync progress no more often than once per secondPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: Fix clearing of MDF_AL_DISABLEDPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: always write bitmap on detachLars Ellenberg
2012-11-09drbd: Call drbd_md_sync() explicitly after a state change on the connectionPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: temporarily suspend io in drbd_adm_disk_optsLars Ellenberg
2012-11-09drbd: Protect accesses to the uuid set with a spinlockPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: Write all pages of the bitmap after an online resizePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: disambiguation, s/ERR_DISCARD/ERR_DISCARD_IMPOSSIBLE/Lars Ellenberg
2012-11-09drbd: disambiguation, s/DISCARD_CONCURRENT/RESOLVE_CONFLICTS/Lars Ellenberg
2012-11-09drbd: pass some more information to userspace.Philipp Marek
2012-11-09drbd: introduce stop-sector to online verifyLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: flush drbd work queue before invalidate/invalidate remoteLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: do not reset rs_pending_cnt too earlyLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: report congestion if we are waiting for some userland callbackLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: differentiate between normal and forced detachLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: take error path in drbd_adm_down if interrupted by signalLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: remove struct drbd_tl_epoch objects (barrier works)Lars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: New disk option al-updatesPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Stop using NLA_PUT*().Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: fix race between drbdadm invalidate/verify and finishing resyncLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Delay/reject other state changes while establishing a connectionPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Fixed processing of disk-barrier, disk-flushes and disk-drainPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Reinstate disabling AL updates with invalidate-remotePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Move write_ordering from mdev to tconnPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Fixes from the drbd-8.3 branchPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Fixes from the drbd-8.3 branchPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: fix "stalled" empty resyncPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: fix connect failure with all default net-optionsLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Update some outdated comments to match the codeAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Remove unused codePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Fix the data-integrity-alg settingAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Allow to create devices with a minor number > minor_countAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: report net config even for resources without a single volumeLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Correctly handle resources without volumesPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Fixed removal of volumes/devices from connected resourcesPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: on attach, enforce clean meta dataLars Ellenberg