path: root/drivers/block/drbd/drbd_main.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-08Merge branch 'for-3.10/drivers' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-blockLinus Torvalds
2013-05-07block_device_operations->release() should return voidAl Viro
2013-03-28drbd: fix memory leakLars Ellenberg
2013-03-28drbd: fix spurious warning about bitmap being locked from detachPhilipp Reisner
2013-03-22drbd: prepare to queue write requests on a submit workerLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: read meta data early, base on-disk offsets on super blockLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: mechanically rename la_size to la_size_sectLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: prepare for new striped layout of activity logLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: cleanup ondisk meta data layout calculations and definesLars Ellenberg
2013-03-22drbd: cleanup bogus assert messageLars Ellenberg
2013-02-27drbd: convert to idr_alloc()Tejun Heo
2012-12-06drbd: Remove obsolete checkPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09Merge branch 'drbd-8.4_ed6' into for-3.8-drivers-drbd-8.4_ed6Philipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: fix regression: potential NULL pointer dereferencePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: always write bitmap on detachLars Ellenberg
2012-11-09drbd: Call drbd_md_sync() explicitly after a state change on the connectionPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: fix potential list_add corruptionLars Ellenberg
2012-11-09drbd: Protect accesses to the uuid set with a spinlockPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-09drbd: disambiguation, s/P_DISCARD_WRITE/P_SUPERSEDED/Lars Ellenberg
2012-11-09drbd: announce FLUSH/FUA capability to upper layersLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: report congestion if we are waiting for some userland callbackLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: differentiate between normal and forced detachLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: allow read requests to be retried after force-detachLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: base completion and destruction of requests on ref countsLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: __drbd_make_request() is now voidLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: remove struct drbd_tl_epoch objects (barrier works)Lars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: move the drbd_work_queue from drbd_socket to drbd_connectionLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: allow to dequeue batches of work at a timeLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: transfer log epoch numbers are now per resourceLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: rename drbd_restart_write to drbd_restart_requestLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: use bitmap_parse instead of __bitmap_parsePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: ignore volume number for drbd barrier packet exchangeLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: fix potential deadlock during "restart" of conflicting writesLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: don't pretend that barrier_nr == 0 was specialLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: remove now unused seq_num member from struct drbd_requestLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: fix potential data corruption and protocol errorLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: explicitly clear unused dp_flags in drbd_send_blockLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Move list of epochs from mdev to tconnPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Move write_ordering from mdev to tconnPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Move the CREATE_BARRIER flag from connection to devicePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Fixes from the drbd-8.3 branchPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Fixes from the drbd-8.3 branchPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: detach must not try to abort non-local requestsLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Get rid of MR_{READ,WRITE}_SHIFTAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Fix the data-integrity-alg settingAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Turn tl_apply() into tl_abort_disk_io()Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: on attach, enforce clean meta dataLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: detach from frozen backing devicePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Improve compatibility with drbd's older than 8.3.7Philipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Rename --dry-run to --tentativeAndreas Gruenbacher