path: root/arch/microblaze/kernel/entry-nommu.S
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-03microblaze: fix handling of multiple pending signalsAl Viro
2013-02-03microblaze: fix the horror with restarts of sigreturn()Al Viro
2013-02-03microblaze: evict the check for kernel_mode(regs) from do_notify_resume()Al Viro
2012-12-13microblaze: Remove passing the second arg to schedule_tailMichal Simek
2012-11-28microblaze: switch to generic fork/vfork/cloneAl Viro
2012-11-16microblaze: switch to generic sys_execve()Al Viro
2012-11-16microblaze: switch to generic kernel_execve()Al Viro
2012-11-16microblaze: switch to generic kernel_thread()Al Viro
2012-05-21microblaze: drop 'oldset' argument of do_notify_resume()Al Viro
2012-05-21microblaze: handle TIF_NOTIFY_RESUMEAl Viro
2012-05-21microblaze: bury sys_rt_sigsuspend_wrapper in nommu case tooAl Viro
2011-03-09microblaze: Do not use "la" pseudo instruction - use addik insteadMichal Simek
2010-08-04microblaze: Add stack unwinderSteven J. Magnani
2010-05-13microblaze: re-enable interrupts before calling scheduleSteven J. Magnani
2010-02-03microblaze: fix interrupt state restoreSteven J. Magnani
2009-12-14microblaze: nommu: Don't clobber R11 on syscallssteve@digidescorp.com
2009-07-06microblaze: use generic syscalls.hArnd Bergmann
2009-07-06microblaze: clean up signal handlingArnd Bergmann
2009-05-26microblaze_mmu_v2: Enable fork syscall for MMU and add fork as vfork for noMMUMichal Simek
2009-03-27microblaze_v8: assembler files head.S, entry-nommu.S, syscall_table.SMichal Simek