path: root/arch/microblaze/include
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-12-17Merge branch 'for-33' of git://repo.or.cz/linux-kbuildLinus Torvalds
2009-12-16elf: kill USE_ELF_CORE_DUMPChristoph Hellwig
2009-12-14microblaze: Support for WB cacheMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Checking DTS against PVR for write-back cacheMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Remove duplicity from pgalloc.hMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Futex supportMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Adding dev_arch_data functionsMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Simple __copy_tofrom_user for noMMUJohn Williams
2009-12-14microblaze: Move cache macro from cache.h to cacheflush.hMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Extend cpuinfo for support write-back cachesMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Fix cache_line_lenghtMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Fix pfn_valid() for noMMUsteve@digidescorp.com
2009-12-14microblaze: ftrace: Add dynamic trace supportMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: ftrace: add static function tracerMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Add TRACE_IRQFLAGS_SUPPORTMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: Lockdep supportMichal Simek
2009-12-14microblaze: GPIO reset supportMichal Simek
2009-12-12kbuild: move asm-offsets.h to include/generatedSam Ravnborg
2009-12-08Merge branch 'for-2.6.33' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-2.6-blockLinus Torvalds
2009-11-26block: add helpers to run flush_dcache_page() against a bio and a request's p...Ilya Loginov
2009-10-15of: merge other miscellaneous prototypesGrant Likely
2009-10-15of: merge of_*_flat_dt*() functionsGrant Likely
2009-10-15of: merge of_node_get(), of_node_put() and of_find_all_nodes()Grant Likely
2009-10-15of: merge of_read_number() an of_read_ulong()Grant Likely
2009-10-15of: merge of_node_*_flag() and set_node_proc_entry()Grant Likely
2009-10-15of: merge struct boot_param_header from Microblaze and PowerPCGrant Likely
2009-10-15of: add common header for flattened device tree representationGrant Likely
2009-10-15of: merge struct device_nodeGrant Likely
2009-10-15of: merge phandle, ihandle and struct propertyGrant Likely
2009-10-15of: Rework linux/of.h and asm/prom.h include orderingGrant Likely
2009-09-24Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.monstr.eu/linux-2.6-microblazeLinus Torvalds
2009-09-22microblaze: Create the LOAD_OFFSET macro used to compute VMA vs LMA offsetsJohn Williams
2009-09-22microblaze: Copy ppc asm-compat.h for clean handling of constants in asm and CJohn Williams
2009-09-22microblaze: Remove ipc.h file which points to non-existing asm-generic fileMichal Simek
2009-09-22microblaze: Add architectural support for USB EHCI host controllersJulie Zhu
2009-09-21microblaze: Implement include/asm/syscall.h.Michal Simek
2009-09-21microblaze: Add checking mechanism for MSR instructionMichal Simek
2009-09-21perf: Do the big rename: Performance Counters -> Performance EventsIngo Molnar
2009-08-20Merge branch 'master' into for-linusRafael J. Wysocki
2009-08-18microblaze: use the generic ack_bad_irq implementationChristoph Hellwig
2009-07-29Merge branch 'master' into for-linusRafael J. Wysocki
2009-07-27Merge branch 'fixes-for-linus' of git://git.monstr.eu/linux-2.6-microblazeLinus Torvalds
2009-07-27mm: Pass virtual address to [__]p{te,ud,md}_free_tlb()Benjamin Herrenschmidt
2009-07-27microblaze: Add _PAGE_FILE macros to pgtable.hMichal Simek
2009-07-27microblaze: Fix put_user macro for 64bits argumentsMichal Simek
2009-07-27microblaze: Final support for statically linked DTBJohn Williams
2009-07-27microblaze: remove duplicated #includeHuang Weiyi
2009-07-27microblaze: Define tlb_flush macroMichal Simek
2009-07-22Driver Core: Add platform device arch data V3Magnus Damm
2009-07-10sched: INIT_PREEMPT_COUNTPeter Zijlstra