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2013-05-25ARC: lazy dcache flush broke gdb in non-aliasing configsVineet Gupta
2013-05-23ARC: Brown paper bag bug in macro for checking cache colorVineet Gupta
2013-05-23ARC: copy_(to|from)_user() to honor usermode-access permissionsVineet Gupta
2013-05-23ARC: [mm] Prevent stray dcache lines after__sync_icache_dcach()Vineet Gupta
2013-05-10Merge tag 'arc-v3.10-rc1-part2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Linus Torvalds
2013-05-09Merge tag 'arc-v3.10-rc1-part1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Linus Torvalds
2013-05-09ARC: [mm] Aliasing VIPT dcache support 4/4Vineet Gupta
2013-05-09ARC: [mm] Aliasing VIPT dcache support 3/4Vineet Gupta
2013-05-09ARC: [mm] Aliasing VIPT dcache support 2/4Vineet Gupta
2013-05-09ARC: [mm] Aliasing VIPT dcache support 1/4Vineet Gupta
2013-05-09ARC: [mm] refactor the core (i|d)cache line ops loopsVineet Gupta
2013-05-09ARC: [mm] serious bug in vaddr based icache flushVineet Gupta
2013-05-07ARC: [mm] Lazy D-cache flush (non aliasing VIPT)Vineet Gupta
2013-05-07ARC: [mm] micro-optimize page size icache invalidateVineet Gupta
2013-05-07ARC: [mm] remove the pessimistic all-alias-invalidate icache helpersVineet Gupta
2013-05-07ARC: [mm] consolidate icache/dcache sync codeVineet Gupta
2013-05-07ARC: [mm] optimise icache flush for kernel mappingsVineet Gupta
2013-05-07ARC: [mm] optimise icache flush for user mappingsVineet Gupta
2013-05-07ARC: Respect the cpu_id passed for fetching correct cpu infoNoam Camus
2013-04-29mm/arc: use common help functions to free reserved pagesJiang Liu
2013-04-09ARC: [build] Fix warnings with CONFIG_DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCHVineet Gupta
2013-04-09ARC: remove #ifdef-ed out include of dead headerPaul Bolle
2013-04-09ARC: Fix coding style issuesSachin Kamat
2013-04-09ARC: Use <linux/*> headers instead of <asm/*>Sachin Kamat
2013-04-09ARC: Remove unneeded version.h header includeSachin Kamat
2013-02-15ARC: Don't fiddle with non-existent cachesVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: Add support for ioremap_prot APIGilad Ben-Yossef
2013-02-15ARC: Support for single cycle Close Coupled Mem (CCM)Vineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: Boot #2: Verbose Boot reporting / feature verificationVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: SMP supportVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: Diagnostics: show_regs() etcVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: [DeviceTree] Convert some Kconfig items to runtime valuesVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: [DeviceTree] Basic supportVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: Boot #1: low-level, setup_arch(), /proc/cpuinfo, mem initVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: I/O and DMA MappingsVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: Page Fault handlingVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: TLB flush HandlingVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: MMU Exception HandlingVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: MMU Context ManagementVineet Gupta
2013-02-15ARC: Cache Flush ManagementVineet Gupta
2013-02-11ARC: uaccess friendsVineet Gupta
2013-02-11ARC: Build system: Makefiles, Kconfig, Linker scriptVineet Gupta