AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-08drbd: Refcounting for mdev objectsPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Turn no-tcp-cork into tcp-cork={yes|no}Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Turn no-md-flushes into md-flushes={yes|no}Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Turn no-disk-drain into disk-drain={yes|no}Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Turn no-disk-flushes into disk-flushes={yes|no}Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Convert boolean flags on netlink from NLA_FLAG to NLA_U8Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: RCU for rs_plan_sPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Enforce limits of disk_conf members; centralized these checksPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Made the fifo object a self contained object (preparing for RCU)Philipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: RCU for disk_confPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Introduce __s32_field in the genetlink macro magicLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Renamed (old|new)_conf into (old|new)_net_conf in receive_SyncParamPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Split drbd_alter_sa() into drbd_sync_after_valid() and drbd_sync_after_...Philipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: drbd_dew_dev_size() gets the user requests disk_size as argumentPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Renamed the net_conf_update mutex to conf_updatePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Removed dead codePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Generate the drbd_set_*_defaults() functions from drbd_genl.hAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Remove left-over unused defineAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: fix schedule in atomicLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: fix thread stop deadlockLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: fix race when forcefully disconnectingLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Allow to change data-integrity-alg on the flyAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Introduce a "lockless" variant of drbd_send_protocoll()Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Remove obsolete drbd_crypto_is_hash()Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Rename integrity_r_tfm -> peer_integrity_tfmAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Rename integrity_w_tfm -> integrity_tfmAndreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: Wrong use of RCU in receive_protocol()Andreas Gruenbacher
2012-11-08drbd: fix copy/paste error in commentLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: rename variable sc to res_optsLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: rename variable ndc to new_disk_confLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: on reconfiguration requests, mind the SET_DEFAULTS flagLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Consider all crypto options in connect and in net-optionsPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: fix various disconnecting racesLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: remove useless kobject_uevent from drbd_adm_connectLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Removed the OBJECT_DYING and the CONFIG_PENDING bitsPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Take a reference on tconn when finding a tconn by namePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Basic refcounting for drbd_tconnPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Eliminated drbd_free_resoruces() it is superseeded by conn_free_crypto()Philipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: move comment about stopping the receiver thread to where it belongsLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: cmdname() enum to string convertion was missing a few constantsLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: fix setsockopt for user mode linuxLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: allow status dump request all volumes of a specific resourceLars Ellenberg
2012-11-08drbd: Considering that the two_primaries config flag can changePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Proper locking for updates to net_conf under RCUPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: rcu_read_lock() and rcu_dereference() for tconn->net_confPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Allow online change of replication protocol only with agreed_pv >= 100Philipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Check consistency of net options when the get changed onlinePhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Runtime changeable wire protocolPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: protect all idr accesses that might sleep with drbd_cfg_rwsemPhilipp Reisner
2012-11-08drbd: Converted drbd_cfg_mutex into drbd_cfg_rwsemPhilipp Reisner