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See comment before ip2_setup() in
+ irqaffinity= [SMP] Set the default irq affinity mask
+ Format:
+ <cpu number>,...,<cpu number>
+ or
+ <cpu number>-<cpu number>
+ (must be a positive range in ascending order)
+ or a mixture
+ <cpu number>,...,<cpu number>-<cpu number>
irqfixup [HW]
When an interrupt is not handled search all handlers
for it. Intended to get systems with badly broken
@@ -3341,6 +3350,21 @@ bytes respectively. Such letter suffixes can also be entirely omitted.
that this also can be controlled per-workqueue for
workqueues visible under /sys/bus/workqueue/.
+ workqueue.power_efficient
+ Per-cpu workqueues are generally preferred because
+ they show better performance thanks to cache
+ locality; unfortunately, per-cpu workqueues tend to
+ be more power hungry than unbound workqueues.
+ Enabling this makes the per-cpu workqueues which
+ were observed to contribute significantly to power
+ consumption unbound, leading to measurably lower
+ power usage at the cost of small performance
+ overhead.
+ The default value of this parameter is determined by
x2apic_phys [X86-64,APIC] Use x2apic physical mode instead of
default x2apic cluster mode on platforms
supporting x2apic.