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@@ -9,12 +9,17 @@ Interpreted by the OF core:
Required properties:
- bus-width: Number of data lines, can be <1>, <4>, or <8>
+Card detection:
+If no property below is supplied, standard SDHCI card detect is used.
+Only one of the properties in this section should be supplied:
+ - broken-cd: There is no card detection available; polling must be used.
+ - cd-gpios: Specify GPIOs for card detection, see gpio binding
+ - non-removable: non-removable slot (like eMMC); assume always present.
Optional properties:
-- cd-gpios: Specify GPIOs for card detection, see gpio binding
- wp-gpios: Specify GPIOs for write protection, see gpio binding
- cd-inverted: when present, polarity on the cd gpio line is inverted
- wp-inverted: when present, polarity on the wp gpio line is inverted
-- non-removable: non-removable slot (like eMMC)
- max-frequency: maximum operating clock frequency