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Merge branches 'master-arm-multi_pmu_v2', 'master-config-fragments', 'master-hw-bkpt-fix', 'master-misc-patches' and 'master-task-placement-v2-updates' into big-LITTLE-MP-master-v19
Updates: ------- - Rebased over 3.10 final - Differences from big-LITTLE-MP-master-v18 - New Patches: - master-config-fragments: 1 new patch - "config: Disable priority filtering for HMP Scheduler" - master-misc-patches: 1 new patch - "mm: make vmstat_update periodic run conditional" - New Branches: - master-task-placement-v2-updates: 7 patches New patches from ARM added in a new topic branch stacked on top of master-task-placement-v2-sysfs... - Revert "sched: Enable HMP priority filter by default" - "HMP: Use unweighted load for hmp migration decisions" - "HMP: Select least-loaded CPU when performing HMP Migrations" - "HMP: Avoid multiple calls to hmp_domain_min_load in fast path" - "HMP: Force new non-kernel tasks onto big CPUs until load stabilises" - "sched: Restrict nohz balance kicks to stay in the HMP domain" - "HMP: experimental: Force all rt tasks to start on little domain." Commands used for merge: ----------------------- $ git checkout -b big-LITTLE-MP-master-v19 v3.10 $ git merge master-arm-multi_pmu_v2 master-config-fragments \ master-hw-bkpt-fix master-misc-patches master-task-placement-v2 \ master-task-placement-v2-sysfs master-task-placement-v2-updates