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authorUlf Hansson <ulf.hansson@stericsson.com>2011-12-13 16:57:07 +0100
committerRussell King <rmk+kernel@arm.linux.org.uk>2012-01-20 00:00:56 +0000
commit4d1a3a0dc551cfa7304ca46e014231500f3b81a6 (patch)
tree6ff7bfe536c5335b4821a2100d898861284ae8b2 /include/linux/amba
parent7d72a1d48af95211677ea83157945a8ef76b0751 (diff)
ARM: 7218/1: mmc: mmci: Provide option to configure bus signal direction
The ST Micro variant supports bus signal direction indication. A new member in the variant struct is added for this. Moreover the actual signal direction configuration is board specific, thus the amba mmci platform data is extended with a new member to be able provide mmci with these specific board configurations. This patch is based upon a patch from Sebastian Rasmussen. Tested-by: Linus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Sebastian Rasmussen <sebastian.rasmussen@stericsson.com> Signed-off-by: Ulf Hansson <ulf.hansson@stericsson.com> Signed-off-by: Russell King <rmk+kernel@arm.linux.org.uk>
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1 files changed, 16 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/include/linux/amba/mmci.h b/include/linux/amba/mmci.h
index 0101e9c17fa..b51bf5fa85f 100644
--- a/include/linux/amba/mmci.h
+++ b/include/linux/amba/mmci.h
@@ -6,6 +6,19 @@
#include <linux/mmc/host.h>
+ * These defines is places here due to access is needed from machine
+ * configuration files. The ST Micro version does not have ROD and
+ * reuse the voltage registers for direction settings.
+ */
+#define MCI_ST_DATA2DIREN (1 << 2)
+#define MCI_ST_CMDDIREN (1 << 3)
+#define MCI_ST_DATA0DIREN (1 << 4)
+#define MCI_ST_DATA31DIREN (1 << 5)
+#define MCI_ST_FBCLKEN (1 << 7)
+#define MCI_ST_DATA74DIREN (1 << 8)
/* Just some dummy forwarding */
struct dma_chan;
@@ -31,6 +44,8 @@ struct dma_chan;
* @capabilities: the capabilities of the block as implemented in
* this platform, signify anything MMC_CAP_* from mmc/host.h
* @capabilities2: more capabilities, MMC_CAP2_* from mmc/host.h
+ * @sigdir: a bit field indicating for what bits in the MMC bus the host
+ * should enable signal direction indication.
* @dma_filter: function used to select an appropriate RX and TX
* DMA channel to be used for DMA, if and only if you're deploying the
* generic DMA engine
@@ -54,6 +69,7 @@ struct mmci_platform_data {
bool cd_invert;
unsigned long capabilities;
unsigned long capabilities2;
+ u32 sigdir;
bool (*dma_filter)(struct dma_chan *chan, void *filter_param);
void *dma_rx_param;
void *dma_tx_param;