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authorMark Brown <broonie@sirena.org.uk>2012-04-13 13:11:50 +0100
committerRussell King <rmk+kernel@arm.linux.org.uk>2012-04-13 14:04:08 +0100
commit1e45860f541497d73162305d48b638d9b87e1ae3 (patch)
tree06b324a3a99a278810c5403af84cf106afea19b4 /include/linux/amba
parent34af657916332e89564566bc8d35e3e06cc0c236 (diff)
ARM: 7366/3: amba: Remove AMBA level regulator support
The AMBA bus regulator support is being used to model on/off switches for power domains which isn't terribly idiomatic for modern kernels with the generic power domain code and creates integration problems on platforms which don't use regulators for their power domains as it's hard to tell the difference between a regulator that is needed but failed to be provided and one that isn't supposed to be there (though DT does make that easier). Platforms that wish to use the regulator API to manage their power domains can indirect via the power domain interface. This feature is only used with the vape supply of the db8500 PRCMU driver which supplies the UARTs and MMC controllers, none of which have support for managing vcore at runtime in mainline (only pl022 SPI controller does). Update that supply to have an always_on constraint until the power domain support for the system is updated so that it is enabled for these users, this is likely to have no impact on practical systems as probably at least one of these devices will be active and cause AMBA to hold the supply on anyway. Signed-off-by: Mark Brown <broonie@opensource.wolfsonmicro.com> Acked-by: Linus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org> Tested-by: Shawn Guo <shawn.guo@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Russell King <rmk+kernel@arm.linux.org.uk>
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1 files changed, 0 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/include/linux/amba/bus.h b/include/linux/amba/bus.h
index 7847e197730..8d54f79457b 100644
--- a/include/linux/amba/bus.h
+++ b/include/linux/amba/bus.h
@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@ struct amba_device {
struct device dev;
struct resource res;
struct clk *pclk;
- struct regulator *vcore;
u64 dma_mask;
unsigned int periphid;
unsigned int irq[AMBA_NR_IRQS];
@@ -75,12 +74,6 @@ void amba_release_regions(struct amba_device *);
#define amba_pclk_disable(d) \
do { if (!IS_ERR((d)->pclk)) clk_disable((d)->pclk); } while (0)
-#define amba_vcore_enable(d) \
- (IS_ERR((d)->vcore) ? 0 : regulator_enable((d)->vcore))
-#define amba_vcore_disable(d) \
- do { if (!IS_ERR((d)->vcore)) regulator_disable((d)->vcore); } while (0)
/* Some drivers don't use the struct amba_device */
#define AMBA_CONFIG_BITS(a) (((a) >> 24) & 0xff)
#define AMBA_REV_BITS(a) (((a) >> 20) & 0x0f)