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authorDavid Woodhouse <David.Woodhouse@intel.com>2009-04-06 17:06:51 -0700
committerDavid Woodhouse <David.Woodhouse@intel.com>2009-04-06 17:06:51 -0700
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firmware/WHENCE: Add missing origin information for Ambassador atmsar11.fw
Looks like we forgot to update WHENCE when we converted this driver. Signed-off-by: David Woodhouse <David.Woodhouse@intel.com>
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@@ -8,6 +8,24 @@ kernel.
+Driver: ambassador -- Madge Ambassador (Collage PCI 155 Server) ATM NIC.
+File: firmware/atmsar11.fw
+Licence: Allegedly GPLv2+, but no source visible. Marked:
+ Madge Ambassador ATM Adapter microcode.
+ Copyright (C) 1995-1999 Madge Networks Ltd.
+ This microcode data is placed under the terms of the GNU General
+ Public License. The GPL is contained in /usr/doc/copyright/GPL on a
+ Debian system and in the file COPYING in the Linux kernel source.
+ We would prefer you not to distribute modified versions without
+ consultation and not to ask for assembly/other microcode source.
Driver: korg1212 -- Korg 1212 IO audio device
File: korg/k1212.dsp