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Merge branch 'for-3.7' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux
Pull nfsd update from J Bruce Fields: "Another relatively quiet cycle. There was some progress on my remaining 4.1 todo's, but a couple of them were just of the form "check that we do X correctly", so didn't have much affect on the code. Other than that, a bunch of cleanup and some bugfixes (including an annoying NFSv4.0 state leak and a busy-loop in the server that could cause it to peg the CPU without making progress)." * 'for-3.7' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux: (46 commits) UAPI: (Scripted) Disintegrate include/linux/sunrpc UAPI: (Scripted) Disintegrate include/linux/nfsd nfsd4: don't allow reclaims of expired clients nfsd4: remove redundant callback probe nfsd4: expire old client earlier nfsd4: separate session allocation and initialization nfsd4: clean up session allocation nfsd4: minor free_session cleanup nfsd4: new_conn_from_crses should only allocate nfsd4: separate connection allocation and initialization nfsd4: reject bad forechannel attrs earlier nfsd4: enforce per-client sessions/no-sessions distinction nfsd4: set cl_minorversion at create time nfsd4: don't pin clientids to pseudoflavors nfsd4: fix bind_conn_to_session xdr comment nfsd4: cast readlink() bug argument NFSD: pass null terminated buf to kstrtouint() nfsd: remove duplicate init in nfsd4_cb_recall nfsd4: eliminate redundant nfs4_free_stateid fs/nfsd/nfs4idmap.c: adjust inconsistent IS_ERR and PTR_ERR ...
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+Administrative interfaces for nfsd
+Note that normally these interfaces are used only by the utilities in
+nfsd is controlled mainly by pseudofiles under the "nfsd" filesystem,
+which is normally mounted at /proc/fs/nfsd/.
+The server is always started by the first write of a nonzero value to
+Before doing that, NFSD can be told which sockets to listen on by
+writing to nfsd/portlist; that write may be:
+ - an ascii-encoded file descriptor, which should refer to a
+ bound (and listening, for tcp) socket, or
+ - "transportname port", where transportname is currently either
+ "udp", "tcp", or "rdma".
+If nfsd is started without doing any of these, then it will create one
+udp and one tcp listener at port 2049 (see nfsd_init_socks).
+On startup, nfsd and lockd grace periods start.
+nfsd is shut down by a write of 0 to nfsd/threads. All locks and state
+are thrown away at that point.
+Between startup and shutdown, the number of threads may be adjusted up
+or down by additional writes to nfsd/threads or by writes to
+For more detail about files under nfsd/ and what they control, see
+fs/nfsd/nfsctl.c; most of them have detailed comments.
+Implementation notes
+Note that the rpc server requires the caller to serialize addition and
+removal of listening sockets, and startup and shutdown of the server.
+For nfsd this is done using nfsd_mutex.