BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
9.2add deps to stlport and bionic, fixes compile time issues withTom Gall5 years
masterllvmpipe: Basic implementation of pipe_context::set_sample_mask.José Fonseca5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-07llvmpipe: Basic implementation of pipe_context::set_sample_mask.HEADmasterJosé Fonseca
2014-01-07cso_context: Fix cso_context::sample_mask initial value.José Fonseca
2014-01-07llvmpipe: Implement alpha_to_coverage for non-MSAA framebuffers.Si Chen
2014-01-07swrast: fix delayed texel buffer allocation regression for OpenMPAndreas Fänger
2014-01-07gallium/draw: remove double semicolonDave Airlie
2014-01-06glsl: rename min(), max() functions to fix MSVC buildBrian Paul
2014-01-06i965: Remove unused PIPE_CONTROL defines.Kenneth Graunke
2014-01-06mesa: Remove GLXContextID typedef from glxext.h.Vinson Lee
2014-01-06docs/relnotes/10.1.html: report AMD_shader_trinary_minmax supportMaxence Le Doré
2014-01-06mesa: enable AMD_shader_trinary_minmaxMaxence Le Doré