BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fixes-from-tom1) issue.fields.fixVersions can be an empty list ie [] so I've iTom Gall4 years
masterOnly print out the Team line if a team identifier (label) was used.Alan Bennett4 years
new-featuresAdd feature to just walk one epic and it's children with theTom Gall4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-05-18Only print out the Team line if a team identifier (label) was used.HEADmasterAlan Bennett
2015-05-18Sort report by first team (using the label field of the formTom Gall
2015-05-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'tom.gall/new-features'Alan Bennett
2015-05-18As part of the query, the labels field is examined and a lable ofTom Gall
2015-05-15Change option to list "only epics" or if only_epics is not set, list -non-epicsAlan Bennett
2015-05-15Add options to list only epics or only cards (default), address pep8 issuesAlan Bennett
2015-05-15add a -s --stale param which creates a report based on cards which noTom Gall
2015-05-15change -t option and use of "team" name to -c for component andTom Gall
2015-05-15Remove subset query processingAlan Bennett
2015-05-15Remove the extra <br> in favor of the rendered fields from jira using <p>Alan Bennett