BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPlatform/Socionext: uprev TF-A binarySumit Garg2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-12Platform/Socionext: uprev TF-A binaryHEADmasterSumit Garg
2018-12-20Platform/Socionext: update ARM-TF binary to include OP-TEESumit Garg
2018-11-20Hisilicon/D06: Fix SBSA PE-15 failed issueMing Huang
2018-11-20Hisilicon/D06: Fix set usb reg failed issueMing Huang
2018-11-20Hisilicon/D06: Fix SBSA test case 42 failed issuesMing Huang
2018-11-20Hisilicon/D06: Add cpu on/off feature in TrustedFirmwareMing Huang
2018-09-03Hisilicon/D06: Add binary modulesMing Huang
2018-09-03Hisilicon: Add dec and header fileMing Huang
2018-08-15Hisilicon/D0x: Fix invoke SetMemorySpaceAttributes error bugMing Huang
2018-08-15Hisilicon/D0x: Move IpmiCmdLib to common path of HisiliconMing Huang