AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-31Add an Ubuntu definitionHEADmasterSteve Capper
2014-07-22Only output the ssh command to IRCNeil Williams
2014-07-18Merge "Add hacking session for Fedora"Remi Duraffort
2014-07-17Add hacking session for FedoraTimothy.Anzaku
2014-07-10invoke_session_debian: set REAL_USER depending on SUDO_USERAlex Bennée
2014-07-10hacking_session_debian: optional ping of user on IRCAlex Bennée
2014-07-10setup_session_debian: ensure .ssh permissions are correctAlex Bennée
2014-07-10hacking-session-debian: auto-detect gateway if $GATEWAY not setAlex Bennée
2014-06-23Do not write into the user know host fileRémi Duraffort
2014-04-18sshd => sshTyler Baker
2014-04-16Re-start sshd during setupRémi Duraffort
2014-03-21Add an ReST README describing how to use LAVA hack sessionsAlan Bennett
2014-02-13display parameterized variablesTyler Baker
2014-02-13Merge "Fix for oe environments that don't support bash"Tyler Baker
2014-02-13Example script which find lava_mac in the kernel command line and updates /et...matthew.hart@linaro.org
2014-02-12Fix for oe environments that don't support bashDave Pigott
2014-02-06Change gateway address to new lab gatewayDave Pigott
2014-02-06add .gitreview fileTyler Baker
2014-01-17oe: fix up some commentsTyler Baker
2013-12-06oe: add example jsonTyler Baker
2013-12-06oe: add definition for oeTyler Baker
2013-12-06debian: update yaml formatTyler Baker
2013-12-06oe: add oe specificsTyler Baker
2013-12-06debian: remove dashesTyler Baker
2013-12-06debian: update yaml formatTyler Baker
2013-12-06debian: remove indentationTyler Baker
2013-12-06debian: updates for latest bundle formatTyler Baker
2013-12-05debian: more formattingTyler Baker
2013-12-05debian: better formattingTyler Baker
2013-12-05debian: update default parametersTyler Baker
2013-12-05debian: initial commitTyler Baker