path: root/net/nfc/rawsock.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-26NFC: Fix some code style and whitespace issuesSzymon Janc
2012-06-26NFC: Return from rawsock_release when sk is NULLEric Dumazet
2012-04-12NFC: Fix next target_idx type and rename for clarityEric Lapuyade
2012-04-12NFC: The core part should generate the target indexSamuel Ortiz
2012-03-06NFC: Core code identation fixesSamuel Ortiz
2012-01-24NFC: NFC core layer should not set the target_idxIlan Elias
2011-12-14NFC: Atomic socket allocationSamuel Ortiz
2011-12-14NFC: Add tx skb allocation routineSamuel Ortiz
2011-12-14NFC: Add function name to the NFC pr_fmt() routineSamuel Ortiz
2011-11-30nfc: Convert nfc_dbg to pr_debugJoe Perches
2011-11-30nfc: Use standard logging stylesJoe Perches
2011-10-31net: Add export.h for EXPORT_SYMBOL/THIS_MODULE to non-modulesPaul Gortmaker
2011-08-24NFC: Reserve tx head and tail roomSamuel Ortiz
2011-07-05NFC: add the NFC socket raw protocolLauro Ramos Venancio