path: root/mm/memory_hotplug.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-29mm: fix memory_hotplug.c printk format warningRandy Dunlap
2013-04-29mm, hotplug: avoid compiling memory hotremove functions when disabledDavid Rientjes
2013-04-29mm: change __remove_pages() to call release_mem_region_adjustable()Toshi Kani
2013-04-29mm: walk_memory_range(): fix typo in commentToshi Kani
2013-03-22mm/hotplug: only free wait_table if it's allocated by vmallocJianguo Wu
2013-03-13mm: remove_memory(): fix end_pfn settingToshi Kani
2013-02-23mm/memory_hotplug: use pgdat_end_pfn() instead of open coding the same.Cody P Schafer
2013-02-23mm/memory_hotplug: use ensure_zone_is_initialized()Cody P Schafer
2013-02-23mm: add helper ensure_zone_is_initialized()Cody P Schafer
2013-02-23mm: add & use zone_end_pfn() and zone_spans_pfn()Cody P Schafer
2013-02-23mm: remove offlining arg to migrate_pagesHugh Dickins
2013-02-23mm: increase totalram_pages when free pages allocated by bootmem allocatorJiang Liu
2013-02-23cpu-hotplug,memory-hotplug: clear cpu_to_node() when offlining the nodeWen Congyang
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: export the function try_offline_node()Wen Congyang
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: do not allocate pgdat if it was not freed when offline.Tang Chen
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: free node_data when a node is offlinedWen Congyang
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: remove sysfs file of nodeTang Chen
2013-02-23memory_hotplug: clear zone when removing the memoryYasuaki Ishimatsu
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: integrated __remove_section() of CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP.Tang Chen
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: move pgdat_resize_lock into sparse_remove_one_section()Tang Chen
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: implement register_page_bootmem_info_section of sparse-vmemmapYasuaki Ishimatsu
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: introduce new arch_remove_memory() for removing page tableWen Congyang
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: remove /sys/firmware/memmap/X sysfsYasuaki Ishimatsu
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: remove redundant codesWen Congyang
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: check whether all memory blocks are offlined or not when remo...Yasuaki Ishimatsu
2013-02-23memory-hotplug: try to offline the memory twice to avoid dependenceWen Congyang
2013-02-23mm: memory_hotplug: no need to check res twice in add_memorySasha Levin
2012-12-18mm/memory_hotplug.c: improve commentsTang Chen
2012-12-16Merge tag 'balancenuma-v11' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2012-12-13Merge branch 'akpm' (Andrew's patch-bomb)Linus Torvalds
2012-12-13Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jik...Linus Torvalds
2012-12-12mm: introduce new field "managed_pages" to struct zoneJiang Liu
2012-12-12memory_hotplug: allow online/offline memory to result movable nodeLai Jiangshan
2012-12-12hotplug: update nodemasks managementLai Jiangshan
2012-12-11memory_hotplug: ensure every online node has NORMAL memoryLai Jiangshan
2012-12-11memory_hotplug: handle empty zone when online_movable/online_kernelLai Jiangshan
2012-12-11mm, memory-hotplug: dynamic configure movable memory and portion memoryLai Jiangshan
2012-12-11mm/memory_hotplug.c: update start_pfn in zone and pg_data when spanned_pages ...Tang Chen
2012-12-11memory_hotplug: fix possible incorrect node_states[N_NORMAL_MEMORY]Lai Jiangshan
2012-12-11memory-hotplug: allocate zone's pcp before onlining pagesWen Congyang
2012-12-11memory-hotplug: skip HWPoisoned page when offlining pagesWen Congyang
2012-12-11mm: migrate: Add a tracepoint for migrate_pagesMel Gorman
2012-11-19various: Fix spelling of "asynchronous" in comments.Adam Buchbinder
2012-11-16revert "mm: fix-up zone present pages"Andrew Morton
2012-10-09memory-hotplug: suppress "Trying to free nonexistent resource <XXXXXXXXXXXXXX...Yasuaki Ishimatsu
2012-10-09memory-hotplug: update memory block's state and notify userspaceWen Congyang
2012-10-09memory-hotplug: preparation to notify memory block's state at memory hot removeWen Congyang
2012-10-09mm: fix-up zone present pagesJianguo Wu
2012-10-09memory-hotplug: don't replace lowmem pages with highmemMinchan Kim
2012-10-09memory-hotplug: build zonelists when offlining pagesXishi Qiu