path: root/mm/memcontrol.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-29memcg: take reference before releasing rcu_read_lockLi Zefan
2013-04-29mm, memcg: give exiting processes access to memory reservesDavid Rientjes
2013-04-29memcg: avoid accessing memcg after releasing referenceLi Zefan
2013-04-29memcg: add memory.pressure_level eventsAnton Vorontsov
2013-04-29mm/memcontrol.c: remove unnecessary ;Michel Lespinasse
2013-04-29memcg: do not check for do_swap_account in mem_cgroup_{read,write,reset}Michal Hocko
2013-04-29memcg: further simplify mem_cgroup_iterMichal Hocko
2013-04-29memcg: simplify mem_cgroup_iterMichal Hocko
2013-04-29memcg: relax memcg iter cachingMichal Hocko
2013-04-29memcg: rework mem_cgroup_iter to use cgroup iteratorsMichal Hocko
2013-04-29memcg: keep prev's css alive for the whole mem_cgroup_iterMichal Hocko
2013-03-08memcg: initialize kmem-cache destroying work earlierKonstantin Khlebnikov
2013-02-23memcg: stop warning on memcg_propagate_kmemHugh Dickins
2013-02-23memcg: cleanup mem_cgroup_init commentMichal Hocko
2013-02-23memcg: move memcg_stock initialization to mem_cgroup_initMichal Hocko
2013-02-23memcg: move mem_cgroup_soft_limit_tree_init to mem_cgroup_initMichal Hocko
2013-02-23mm: refactor inactive_file_is_low() to use get_lru_size()Johannes Weiner
2013-02-23memcg: avoid dangling reference count in creation failure.Glauber Costa
2013-02-23memcg: increment static branch right after limit setGlauber Costa
2013-02-23memcg: replace cgroup_lock with memcg specific memcg_lockGlauber Costa
2013-02-23memcg: fast hierarchy-aware child testGlauber Costa
2013-02-23memcg: split part of memcg creation to css_onlineGlauber Costa
2013-02-23memcg: prevent changes to move_charge_at_immigrate during task attachGlauber Costa
2013-02-23memcg: reduce the size of struct memcg 244-fold.Glauber Costa
2013-02-23memcg: clean up swap accounting initialization codeMichal Hocko
2013-02-23memcg: do not create memsw files if swap accounting is disabledMichal Hocko
2013-02-23swap: make each swap partition have one address_spaceShaohua Li
2013-02-23mm/memcontrol.c: convert printk(KERN_FOO) to pr_foo()Andrew Morton
2013-02-23memcg, oom: provide more precise dump info while memcg oom happeningSha Zhengju
2013-02-12memcg: fix kmemcg registration for late cachesGlauber Costa
2012-12-20memcg: don't register hotcpu notifier from ->css_alloc()Tejun Heo
2012-12-18slab: propagate tunable valuesGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: aggregate memcg cache values in slabinfoGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg/sl[au]b: shrink dead cachesGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg/sl[au]b: track all the memcg children of a kmem_cacheGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: destroy memcg cachesGlauber Costa
2012-12-18sl[au]b: allocate objects from memcg cacheGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: skip memcg kmem allocations in specified code regionsGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: infrastructure to match an allocation to the right cacheGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: allocate memory for memcg caches whenever a new memcg appearsGlauber Costa
2012-12-18slab/slub: consider a memcg parameter in kmem_create_cacheGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: execute the whole memcg freeing in free_worker()Glauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: allow a memcg with kmem charges to be destructedGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: use static branches when code not in useGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: kmem accounting lifecycle managementGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: kmem controller infrastructureGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: kmem accounting basic infrastructureGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: change defines to an enumGlauber Costa
2012-12-18memcg: reclaim when more than one page neededSuleiman Souhlal
2012-12-18memcg: make it possible to use the stock for more than one pageSuleiman Souhlal