path: root/mm/cleancache.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-23mm: dump page when hitting a VM_BUG_ON using VM_BUG_ON_PAGESasha Levin
2013-04-30mm: cleancache: clean up cleancache_enabledBob Liu
2013-04-30cleancache: Make cleancache_init use a pointer for the opsKonrad Rzeszutek Wilk
2013-04-30mm: cleancache: lazy initialization to allow tmem backends to build/run as mo...Dan Magenheimer
2013-02-26fs: encode_fh: return FILEID_INVALID if invalid fid_typeNamjae Jeon
2012-05-29->encode_fh() API changeAl Viro
2012-01-23mm: cleancache: Use __read_mostly as appropiate.Dan Magenheimer
2012-01-23mm: cleancache: report statistics via debugfs instead of sysfs.Dan Magenheimer
2012-01-23mm: zcache/tmem/cleancache: s/flush/invalidate/Dan Magenheimer
2012-01-23mm: cleancache: s/flush/invalidate/Dan Magenheimer
2011-05-26mm: cleancache core ops functions and configDan Magenheimer