path: root/lib/hweight.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-03-07lib: reduce the use of module.h wherever possiblePaul Gortmaker
2010-04-06x86: Add optimized popcnt variantsBorislav Petkov
2010-04-06bitops: Optimize hweight() by making use of compile-time evaluationPeter Zijlstra
2009-12-28x86, core: Optimize hweight32()Akinobu Mita
2007-10-19remove asm/bitops.h includesJiri Slaby
2006-09-26[PATCH] optimize hweight64 for x86_64Andi Kleen
2006-03-26[PATCH] bitops: hweight() speedupAkinobu Mita
2006-03-26[PATCH] bitops: generic hweight{64,32,16,8}()Akinobu Mita