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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-07-18cpumask: Replace cpumask_of_cpu with cpumask_of_cpu_ptrMike Travis
2008-07-14Merge branch 'tracing/ftrace' into auto-ftrace-nextIngo Molnar
2008-07-11ftrace: build fix for ftraced_suspendIngo Molnar
2008-07-11ftrace: separate out the function enabled variableSteven Rostedt
2008-07-11ftrace: add ftrace_kill_atomicSteven Rostedt
2008-07-11ftrace: use current CPU for function startupSteven Rostedt
2008-07-11ftrace: start wakeup tracing after setting function tracerSteven Rostedt
2008-07-11ftrace: check proper config for preempt typeSteven Rostedt
2008-07-11ftrace: define function trace nopSteven Rostedt
2008-07-11ftrace: move sched_switch enable after markersSteven Rostedt
2008-07-10Merge branch 'tracing/sysprof' into auto-ftrace-nextIngo Molnar
2008-07-10Merge branch 'tracing/mmiotrace' into auto-ftrace-nextIngo Molnar
2008-07-03ftrace: prevent ftrace modifications while being kprobe'd, v2Abhishek Sagar
2008-06-23ftrace: avoid modifying kprobe'd recordsAbhishek Sagar
2008-06-23ftrace: freeze kprobe'd recordsAbhishek Sagar
2008-06-23ftrace: store mcount address in rec->ipAbhishek Sagar
2008-06-16namespacecheck: fixesIngo Molnar
2008-06-14ftrace: fix "notrace" filtering priorityAbhishek Sagar
2008-06-12ftrace: fix printoutJiri Slaby
2008-06-10ftrace: disable tracing when current_tracer is set to "none"Ankita Garg
2008-06-10ftrace: prevent freeing of all failed updatesAbhishek Sagar
2008-06-10ftrace: add debugfs entry 'failures'Abhishek Sagar
2008-06-10ftrace: remove ftrace_ip_converted()Abhishek Sagar
2008-06-10ftrace: prevent freeing of all failed updatesAbhishek Sagar
2008-06-02ftrace: user update and disable dynamic ftrace daemonSteven Rostedt
2008-06-02ftrace: distinguish kretprobe'd functions in trace logsAbhishek Sagar
2008-05-26ftrace: fix updating of ftrace_update_cntAbhishek Sagar
2008-05-26ftrace: safe traversal of ftrace_hash hlistAbhishek Sagar
2008-05-26ftrace: fix up cmdline recordingSteven Rostedt
2008-05-26ftrace: set_ftrace_notrace featureSteven Rostedt
2008-05-26ftrace: remove printks from irqsoff traceSteven Rostedt
2008-05-26ftrace: add function tracing to wake up tracingSteven Rostedt
2008-05-26ftrace: move ftrace_special to trace.cSteven Rostedt
2008-05-26ftrace: limit use of check pagesSteven Rostedt
2008-05-24sysprof: make it depend on X86Thomas Gleixner
2008-05-24x86 mmiotrace: use resource_size_t for phys addressesPekka Paalanen
2008-05-24mmiotrace: do not print bogus pid for maps eitherPekka Paalanen
2008-05-24mmiotrace: print overrun countsPekka Paalanen
2008-05-24mmiotrace: print header using the read hook.Pekka Paalanen
2008-05-24x86 mmiotrace: Do not print bogus pidPekka Paalanen
2008-05-24mmiotrace: ftrace fixIngo Molnar
2008-05-24ftrace: mmiotrace update, #2Pekka Paalanen
2008-05-24ftrace: mmiotrace, updatesPekka Paalanen
2008-05-24ftrace: add mmiotrace pluginPekka Paalanen
2008-05-23ftrace/sysprof: don't trace the user stack if we are a kernel thread.Soeren Sandmann
2008-05-23sysprof: update copyrightsIngo Molnar
2008-05-23sysprof: kernel traceSoeren Sandmann Pedersen
2008-05-23ftrace: make it more available in the KconfigThomas Gleixner
2008-05-23ftrace: fix __trace_special()Thomas Gleixner
2008-05-23ftrace: remove notraceThomas Gleixner