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2005-06-27[PATCH] ppc32: Bump PMU interrupt priorityBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-06-27Merge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-serialLinus Torvalds
2005-06-27Merge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-armLinus Torvalds
2005-06-27Merge 'upstream' branch of rsync://rsync.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2005-06-27Merge rsync://rsync.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/dtor/input.git manuallyLinus Torvalds
2005-06-27[PATCH] USB: wireless usb <linux/usb_ch9.h> declarationsDavid Brownell
2005-06-27[PATCH] USB: gadget driver updates (SETUP api change)David Brownell
2005-06-27[PATCH] USB: more omap_udc updates (dma and omap1710)David Brownell
2005-06-27[PATCH] USB: Add isp116x-hcd USB host controller driverOlav Kongas
2005-06-27[PATCH] CFQ io scheduler updatesJens Axboe
2005-06-27[PATCH] Update cfq io scheduler to time sliced designJens Axboe
2005-06-27[PATCH] ARM: 2759/1: Fix IXP4xx debug code (again)Deepak Saxena
2005-06-27[PATCH] ARM: 2758/1: Fix comment in file header to read "ARM" instead i386Michael Burian
2005-06-27[PATCH] ARM: Fix speeling eroor in io.hRussell King
2005-06-27[PATCH] ARM: Add VST idle loop callRussell King
2005-06-27[PATCH] Serial: Split 8250 port tableRussell King
2005-06-27Merge /spare/repo/netdev-2.6/ branch 'orinoco'Jeff Garzik
2005-06-27[PATCH] bring over ieee80211.h from mainlineChristoph Hellwig
2005-06-27[PATCH] forcedeth: Add support for new device idManfred Spraul
2005-06-26Merge rsync://rsync.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6Linus Torvalds
2005-06-26Merge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-armLinus Torvalds
2005-06-26[ATALK]: Include asm/byteorder.h in linux/atalk.hDavid S. Miller
2005-06-26bonding: xor/802.3ad improved slave hashJay Vosburgh
2005-06-26[PATCH] ARM: 2756/1: add ixp2000 msf mappingLennert Buytenhek
2005-06-26[PATCH] ARM: 2755/1: describe ixp2000 virtual memory map layoutLennert Buytenhek
2005-06-26[PATCH] ARM: 2754/1: move ixp2000 VMALLOC_END upLennert Buytenhek
2005-06-26[PATCH] ARM: 2753/1: move ixdp* cpld mappingsLennert Buytenhek
2005-06-25Merge Christoph's freeze cleanup patchLinus Torvalds
2005-06-25[PATCH] Cleanup patch for process freezingChristoph Lameter
2005-06-25[PATCH] drivers/block/ll_rw_blk.c: cleanupsAdrian Bunk
2005-06-25[PATCH] drivers/char/nvram.c: possible cleanupsAdrian Bunk
2005-06-25[PATCH] Use ALIGN to remove duplicate codeNick Wilson
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec code cleanupManeesh Soni
2005-06-25[PATCH] kdump: Use real pt_regs from exceptionAlexander Nyberg
2005-06-25[PATCH] kdump: Access dump file in elf format (/proc/vmcore)Vivek Goyal
2005-06-25[PATCH] Retrieve elfcorehdr address from command lineVivek Goyal
2005-06-25[PATCH] kdump: Routines for copying dump pagesVivek Goyal
2005-06-25[PATCH] kdump: Retrieve saved max pfnVivek Goyal
2005-06-25[PATCH] Kdump: Export crash notes section address through sysfsVivek Goyal
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: s390 supportHeiko Carstens
2005-06-25[PATCH] ppc64: kexec support for ppc64R Sharada
2005-06-25[PATCH] ppc64 kexec: native hash clearR Sharada
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: kexec ppc supportEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86_64 kexec implementationEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86 kexec coreEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: add kexec syscallsEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86_64: add CONFIG_PHYSICAL_STARTEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86: add CONFIG_PYSICAL_STARTEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: vmlinux: fix physical addressesEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86_64: restore apic virtual wire mode on shutdownEric W. Biederman