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2005-06-27Merge rsync://rsync.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6Greg KH
2005-06-27[PATCH] PCI: fix up errors after dma bursting patch and CONFIG_PCI=nAndrew Morton
2005-06-27[PATCH] PCI: DMA bursting adviceDavid S. Miller
2005-06-27[PATCH] seccomp: tsc disableAndrea Arcangeli
2005-06-27[PATCH] Update cfq io scheduler to time sliced designJens Axboe
2005-06-25[PATCH] Kdump: Export crash notes section address through sysfsVivek Goyal
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86_64 kexec implementationEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86_64: add CONFIG_PHYSICAL_STARTEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86_64: restore apic virtual wire mode on shutdownEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] kexec: x86: rename APIC_MODE_EXINTEric W. Biederman
2005-06-25[PATCH] sched: sched tuningNick Piggin
2005-06-25[PATCH] sched: balance on forkNick Piggin
2005-06-25[PATCH] sched: no aggressive idle balancingNick Piggin
2005-06-25[PATCH] sched: balance timersNick Piggin
2005-06-25[PATCH] RCU: clean up a few remaining synchronize_kernel() callsPaul E. McKenney
2005-06-25[PATCH] swsusp: clean assembly partsPavel Machek
2005-06-25[PATCH] x86_64: Dont use broadcast shortcut to make it cpu hotplug safe.Ashok Raj
2005-06-25[PATCH] x86_64: CPU hotplug supportAshok Raj
2005-06-23[PATCH] compat: introduce compat_time_tStephen Rothwell
2005-06-23[PATCH] adjust per_cpu definition in non-SMP caseJan Beulich
2005-06-23[PATCH] x86_64 specific function return probesRusty Lynch
2005-06-23[PATCH] streamline preempt_count type across archsJesper Juhl
2005-06-23[PATCH] xen: x86_64: Add macro for debugregVincent Hanquez
2005-06-23[PATCH] xen: x86: Rename usermode macroVincent Hanquez
2005-06-23[PATCH] eliminate duplicate rdpmc definitionJan Beulich
2005-06-23[PATCH] i386: Selectable Frequency of the Timer InterruptChristoph Lameter
2005-06-23[PATCH] x86/x86_64: pcibus_to_nodeChristoph Lameter
2005-06-23[PATCH] Platform SMIs and their interferance with tsc based delay calibrationVenkatesh Pallipadi
2005-06-23[PATCH] add x86-64 specific support for sparsememMatt Tolentino
2005-06-23[PATCH] reorganize x86-64 NUMA and DISCONTIGMEM config optionsMatt Tolentino
2005-06-23[PATCH] remove non-DISCONTIG use of pgdat->node_mem_mapDave Hansen
2005-06-21[PATCH] Hugepage consolidationDavid Gibson
2005-06-21[PATCH] smp_processor_id() cleanupIngo Molnar
2005-06-21[PATCH] x86_64: TASK_SIZE fixes for compatibility mode processesSuresh Siddha
2005-06-07[PATCH] AGP fix for Xen VMMKeir Fraser
2005-05-25[PATCH] x86_64: CONFIG_BUG=n fixesAlexander Nyberg
2005-05-20Remove some left-over empty filesLinus Torvalds
2005-05-17[PATCH] kill <asm/ioctl32.h>Christoph Hellwig
2005-05-17[PATCH] x86_64: Collected NMI watchdog fixes.Andi Kleen
2005-05-17[PATCH] x86_64: Add pmtimer supportAndi Kleen
2005-05-17[PATCH] x86_64: Remove unique APIC/IO-APIC ID checkAndi Kleen
2005-05-17[PATCH] x86_64: Remove x86_apicid fieldAndi Kleen
2005-05-17[PATCH] x86_64: Increase number of IO-APICsAndi Kleen
2005-05-17[PATCH] x86_64: Add a guard page at the end of the 47bit address spaceAndi Kleen
2005-05-05[PATCH] make some things staticAdrian Bunk
2005-05-04[PATCH] asm/signal.h unificationAl Viro
2005-05-01[PATCH] consolidate sys_shmatStephen Rothwell
2005-05-01[PATCH] consolidate SIGEV_PAD_SIZEStephen Rothwell
2005-05-01[PATCH] move SA_xxx defines to linux/signal.hStas Sergeev
2005-05-01[PATCH] remove all kernel BUGsMatt Mackall