path: root/include/asm-powerpc/mpc52xx.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-01-26[POWERPC] Add common clock setting routine mpc52xx_psc_set_clkdiv()Grant Likely
2008-01-18[POWERPC] mpc5200: eliminate mpc52xx_*_map_*() functions.Grant Likely
2008-01-18[POWERPC] mpc5200: Add common mpc52xx_setup_pci() routineMarian Balakowicz
2007-10-21[POWERPC] Add restart support for mpc52xx based platformsMarian Balakowicz
2007-10-21[POWERPC] Add mpc52xx_find_and_map_path(), refactor utility functionsMarian Balakowicz
2007-10-21[POWERPC] bestcomm: Restrict bus prefetch bugfix to original mpc5200 silicon.Grant Likely
2007-10-18PM: Rework struct platform_suspend_opsRafael J. Wysocki
2007-10-10[POWERPC] MPC5200: Don't make firmware fixups into common codeGrant Likely
2007-09-19[POWERPC] MPC5200 low power modeDomen Puncer
2007-05-07[POWERPC] mpc52xx suspend to deep-sleepDomen Puncer
2007-02-08[POWERPC] Add mpc52xx/lite5200 PCI supportGrant Likely
2007-01-09[POWERPC] 52xx: Don't use device_initcall to probe of_platform_busSylvain Munaut
2006-12-04[POWERPC] Add common routines for 52xx support in arch/powerpcGrant Likely
2006-12-04[POWERPC] Separate IRQ config / register set from main headerSylvain Munaut
2006-11-13[PATCH] Add MPC5200 Interrupt Controller support.Nicolas DET