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2005-06-27Merge rsync://rsync.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6Greg KH
2005-06-27[PATCH] PCI: fix up errors after dma bursting patch and CONFIG_PCI=nAndrew Morton
2005-06-27[PATCH] PCI: DMA bursting adviceDavid S. Miller
2005-06-27[PATCH] ACPI based I/O APIC hot-plug: ia64 supportKenji Kaneshige
2005-06-27[PATCH] kprobes/ia64: refuse kprobe on ivt codeKeshavamurthy Anil S
2005-06-27[PATCH] Return probe redesign: ia64 specific implementationRusty Lynch
2005-06-27[PATCH] kprobes: fix single-step out of line - take2Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli
2005-06-27[PATCH] Update cfq io scheduler to time sliced designJens Axboe
2005-06-25[PATCH] sched: cleanup context switch lockingNick Piggin
2005-06-25[PATCH] sched: sched tuningNick Piggin
2005-06-23[IA64] Fix pfn_to_nid() so the kernel compiles again for !CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM.David Mosberger-Tang
2005-06-23[PATCH] compat: introduce compat_time_tStephen Rothwell
2005-06-23[PATCH] adjust per_cpu definition in non-SMP caseJan Beulich
2005-06-23[PATCH] Don't force O_LARGEFILE for 32 bit processes on ia64Yoav Zach
2005-06-23[PATCH] Kprobes IA64: cmp ctype unc supportAnil S Keshavamurthy
2005-06-23[PATCH] Kprobes ia64 cleanupRusty Lynch
2005-06-23[PATCH] Kprobes/IA64: support kprobe on branch/call instructionsAnil S Keshavamurthy
2005-06-23[PATCH] Kprobes/IA64: architecture specific JProbes supportAnil S Keshavamurthy
2005-06-23[PATCH] Kprobes/IA64: arch specific handlingAnil S Keshavamurthy
2005-06-23[PATCH] Kprobes/IA64: kdebug die notification mechanismAnil S Keshavamurthy
2005-06-23[PATCH] streamline preempt_count type across archsJesper Juhl
2005-06-23[PATCH] ia64: Selectable Timer Interrupt FrequencyChristoph Lameter
2005-06-21[PATCH] ia64: pfn_to_nid() implementationBob Picco
2005-06-21[PATCH] SN2 XPC build patchesJes Sorensen
2005-06-21[PATCH] ia64 uncached allocJes Sorensen
2005-06-21[PATCH] Hugepage consolidationDavid Gibson
2005-06-21[PATCH] VM: early zone reclaimMartin Hicks
2005-06-21[PATCH] smp_processor_id() cleanupIngo Molnar
2005-06-08[PATCH] ia64: fix floating-point preemption problemPeter Chubb
2005-06-08Merge rsync://rsync.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/aegl/linux-2.6Linus Torvalds
2005-06-08[IA64] Fill holes in FIXADDR_USER space with zero pages.David Mosberger-Tang
2005-06-07[PATCH] AGP fix for Xen VMMKeir Fraser
2005-05-31Automatic merge of rsync://rsync.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/aegl/lin...Linus Torvalds
2005-05-20Remove some left-over empty filesLinus Torvalds
2005-05-18[IA64] alternate perfmon handlerTony Luck
2005-05-17[IS64-SGI] Set Altix error handling featuresRuss Anderson
2005-05-17[IA64-SGI] Make Altix SAL call to POD reentrantRuss Anderson
2005-05-17[PATCH] kill <asm/ioctl32.h>Christoph Hellwig
2005-05-04Automatic merge of rsync://rsync.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/aegl/lin...Linus Torvalds
2005-05-04[IA64-SGI] convert some sn SAL_CALLs to ia64_sal_oemcall callsDean Nelson
2005-05-04[IA64-SGI] move nodepda pointer out of pdaDean Nelson
2005-05-04[PATCH] asm/signal.h unificationAl Viro
2005-05-03[IA64-SGI] convert AMO address found in XPC's reserved pageDean Nelson
2005-05-03[IA64-SGI] SGI Altix cross partition functionality (2ndDean Nelson
2005-05-03[IA64-SGI] Add some needed externs currently not definedDean Nelson
2005-05-03[IA64-SGI] Define some additional SHub1 and Shub2 register symbolsDean Nelson
2005-05-03[PATCH] move cnodeid_to_nasid_table out of pdaDean Nelson
2005-05-03[IA64-SGI] Altix patch to add bricktype knowledge to tiocxBruce Losure
2005-05-03[IA64-SGI] cleanup shubio.hJes Sorensen
2005-05-03[IA64-SGI] remove unused sn header filesJesse Barnes