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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-04-28mm: introduce pte_special pte bitNick Piggin
2008-04-27ide: add struct ide_io_ports (take 3)Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
2008-04-17Generic semaphore implementationMatthew Wilcox
2008-04-02kvm: provide kvm.h for all architecture: fixes headers_installChristian Borntraeger
2008-03-04cris: correct syscall numbers in unistd.h for timerfd_settime and timerfd_get...Jesper Nilsson
2008-03-04cris: correct usage of __user for copy to and from user space in lib/usercopy...Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08Merge branch 'cris' of git://www.jni.nu/crisLinus Torvalds
2008-02-08CONFIG_HIGHPTE vs. sub-page page tables.Martin Schwidefsky
2008-02-08avoid overflows in kernel/time.cH. Peter Anvin
2008-02-08asm-*/posix_types.h: scrub __GLIBC__Mike Frysinger
2008-02-08aout: move STACK_TOP[_MAX] to asm/processor.hDavid Howells
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Remove hwregs/timer_defs.h, it is now architecture specific.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Add new timerfd syscall entries.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Correct spelling of bandwidth in function name.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Make io_pwm_set_period members unsigned in etraxgpio.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Minor changes to avoid errors in asm-cris/arch-v32/hwregs/reg_rdwr.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: arch-v32/hwregs/intr_vect_defs.h moved to machine dependent directory.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Correct offset for TASK_pid in asm-cris/arch-v32/offset.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Move register map header to machine dependent directory.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Let compiler know that memory is clobbered after a break op.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Remove SMP stub from asm-cris/arch-v32/system.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Completely rework spinlocks for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Change name for simulator config in asm-cris/arch-v32/processor.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add prototype for crisv32_pinmux_dealloc_fixed in asm-cris/arch-v32...Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Change name for simulator config in asm-cris/arch-v32/page.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Remove juliette.h, it is not supported for CRIS v32.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add support for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3 for arch-v32/hwregs/eth_defs.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Rename variable used in macro for arch-v32/hwregs/dma.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Remove useless CVS id tag from arch-v32/hwregs/MakefileJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add defines for udelay and ndelay in arch-v32/delay.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Adjust arch-v32/atomic.h for new spinlock/rwlock infrastructureJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add missing header to include/asm-cris/arch-v32/KbuildJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Break long comment line in include/asm-cris/arch-v10/page.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Rename LED macros to CRIS_LED to avoid name clash in io.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Add missing headers to include/asm-cris Kbuild files.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Add support for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3 to etraxgpio.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Fix bugs in return value of atomic_inc_return and atomic_dec_return.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Allow arch dependent delay to override common version.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Include arch dependent bug.h.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Correct pfn_pte to make it possible to ioremap uncached addresses.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Correct comment in io.h to describe reality of I/O space.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Update cpu_possible_map and raw_smp_processor_id in smp.h header.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v10: Cleanup rtc.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Add architecture dependent bug.h for CRIS v10 and CRIS v32Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Minor fixes for io.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Include path fix for timex.hJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS: Remove define ARCH_HAS_DMA_DECLARE_COHERENT_MEMORYJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add headers for EtraxFS and Artpec-3 chips.Jesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add prototypes for cache flushingJesper Nilsson
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Update asm-cris/arch-v32/irq.h for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3Jesper Nilsson