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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-04-28mm: introduce pte_special pte bitNick Piggin
2008-04-19avr32: add include/asm-avr32/serial.hAdrian Bunk
2008-04-19add include/asm-avr32/xor.hAdrian Bunk
2008-04-19avr32: Generic clockevents supportDavid Brownell
2008-04-19avr32: Move sleep code into mach-at32apHaavard Skinnemoen
2008-04-19avr32: Use constants from sysreg.h in asm.hHaavard Skinnemoen
2008-04-19avr32: Delete mostly unused header asm/intc.hHaavard Skinnemoen
2008-04-19avr32: pass i2c board info through at32_add_device_twiBen Nizette
2008-04-19avr32: cleanup - use _AC macro to define PAGE_SIZECyrill Gorcunov
2008-04-19Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/hskinn...Haavard Skinnemoen
2008-04-17Generic semaphore implementationMatthew Wilcox
2008-04-06atmel_usba_udc: move endpoint declarations into platform data.Stelian Pop
2008-04-02kvm: provide kvm.h for all architecture: fixes headers_installChristian Borntraeger
2008-03-10avr32: Work around byteswap bug in gcc < 4.2Haavard Skinnemoen
2008-02-13AVR32: Define PAGE_SHAREDHaavard Skinnemoen
2008-02-08CONFIG_HIGHPTE vs. sub-page page tables.Martin Schwidefsky
2008-02-08Basic PWM driver for AVR32 and AT91David Brownell
2008-02-08asm-*/posix_types.h: scrub __GLIBC__Mike Frysinger
2008-02-08aout: move STACK_TOP[_MAX] to asm/processor.hDavid Howells
2008-02-07Add cmpxchg_local to avr32Mathieu Desnoyers
2008-02-07Sanitize the type of struct user.u_ar0H. Peter Anvin
2008-02-07Cleanup asm/{elf,page,user}.h: #ifdef __KERNEL__ is no longer neededKirill A. Shutemov
2008-02-06Fix __const_udelay declaration and definition mismatchesJeff Dike
2008-02-06read_current_timer() cleanupsAndrew Morton
2008-02-05Fix timerfd breakage on avr32Haavard Skinnemoen
2008-02-05add mm argument to pte/pmd/pud/pgd_freeBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2008-02-05gpiolib: avr32 at32ap platform supportDavid Brownell
2008-01-31[NET]: Introducing socket mark socket option.Laszlo Attila Toth
2008-01-28remove __attribute_used__Adrian Bunk
2008-01-26[ARM] 4764/1: [AT91] AT91CAP9 core supportAndrew Victor
2008-01-25[AVR32] NMI debuggingHaavard Skinnemoen
2008-01-25[AVR32] Add support for AT32AP7001 and AT32AP7002Haavard Skinnemoen
2008-01-25[AVR32] Provide more CPU information in /proc/cpuinfo and dmesgHaavard Skinnemoen
2008-01-25[AVR32] Enable debugging only when neededHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-12-07[AVR32] Fix copy_to_user_page() breakageHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-12-07[AVR32] Follow the rules when dealing with the OCD systemHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-12-07[AVR32] Clean up OCD register usageHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-12-07[AVR32] Implement irqflags trace and lockdep supportHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-12-07[AVR32] Fix invalid status register bit definitions in asm/ptrace.hHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-12-07[AVR32] Add TIF_RESTORE_SIGMASK to the work masksHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-11-15[AVR32] Add missing bit in PCCR sysregHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-10-24AVR32: Fix sg_page breakageHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-10-23Merge branch 'for-linus' of ssh://master.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2007-10-23fvr32: fixup dma-mapping for new sg layoutJens Axboe
2007-10-23[AVR32] Implement at32_add_device_cf()Haavard Skinnemoen
2007-10-23[AVR32] Implement more at32_add_device_foo() functionsHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-10-23[AVR32] Platform code for pata_at32Kristoffer Nyborg Gregertsen
2007-10-22Add CONFIG_DEBUG_SG sg validationJens Axboe
2007-10-22Change table chaining layoutJens Axboe
2007-10-19forbid asm/bitops.h direct inclusionJiri Slaby